Chris Smith

The Kain/Daria Crossover Series

More than Anyone Can Take

The Virtual Massacure
The Road Worrier: Take Two
The Virtual Massacure:  Highlights
A Prelude to War - Day 1
A Prelude to War - Day 2
A Prelude to War - Day 3
Carnage in the Big Apple
More than Anyone Can Take: Special Edition
The End of an Era
06/98 No Description Yet
Other Chris Smith Fanfic
Misery Chick - Wrestling With Fashion
10/00 Daria has been in the Lawndale High Wrestling Federation for five years, her contract is almost up, so what now? (Based on the documentry "Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows")
10/00 A four-page short that turns Daria's world upside-down with just one word.

No Author Description

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