Mr. Anonymous

What the...?
10/00 Monique is in trouble. Daria to the rescue.
Quality Time and a Half
10/00 Daria and Quinn go tot work With Jake and Helen.
The Self-Made Woman
10/00 Why is Aunt Amy only now a part of the Morgendorffers' lives?
10/00 A prequel to "The Self-Made Woman." While on vacation Helen meets Amy for the first time in years.
Party Favors
12/00 A short (and very pointless) Halloween story
Tiffany Blum-Deckler
12/00 A story about Tiffany
12/00 Kevin tries a new dish. But what is it?
Suffering in Silence
01/01 Daria and Quinn experience grief and acceptance.
A Day in the Married Life
3/01 Daria's Pregnant. And Trent's the father!
Citizen Lane
4/01 In the future, Jane’s daughter goes in search of the truth.
Afternoon at the Mall
4/01 A day of mother-daughter bonding.
No Relation
5/01 Another look through the mirror. Daria's "cousin" visits for the weekend and things go crazy.
Kinesha's First Kwanzaa
6/01 Daria reminisces about her best friend
Junior 5
7/02 A day with Teresa in Junior 5
Business Travel
8/02 An adult Jane gets a rare visit from Daria. There's no point to it but it's short.
The A.D. Universe
A.D. Universe is short for "Aunt Daria" or "Adult Daria."
The reader can decide which works best.
Slip Up
10/00 As Daria ends her first year in college she has an accident and discovers a sad fact about herself.
Jane's Lane
10/00 At Quinn's wedding, Daria learns Jane is pregnant.
10/00 Now it's Quinn's turn to have a baby.
Bedtime Story
10/00 It's six months after A.D. and Quinn needs her sister's help.
Birthday Girl
10/00 Young Quinn's fifth birthday.
Hello Daria
10/00 A week Daria wouldn't want to remember but could never forget.
10/00 Daria gets a phone call that brings back memories.
10/00 Quinn needs help with her vocabulary.
Mother's Day
10/00 bittersweet day for the Morgendorffers.
Return to Lawndale
10/00 Big changes for both Daria and Quinn.
10/00 Quinn's emergency surgery has unexpected side effects.
Period of Adjustment
11/00 After Daria and Stan return from their honeymoon Quinn has to adapt to a man in the house.
Eww Gross, Anatomy
11/00 Quinn spends the summer at the hospital with Stan.
Road Trip
11/00 Daria and Jane visit their kids at college.
Rest Stop
12/00 On the way home for Thanksgiving, Quinn visits an old friend of her mother.
Paging Dr. Morgendorffer
11/00 During graduation, Quinn’s mind wanders.
11/00 Another loss in the family.
Wedding Belle
11/00 Quinn’s getting married.
11/00 Daria is looking forward to the arrival of her grandchild.
Holding on and Letting go
11/00 Daria says goodbye again.
11/00 Quinn and her family move back to Lawndale.

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