Roger Moore

Three Ways of Looking at a Tiffany Blum-Deckler
6/02 Three brief excursions into the "Twilight Zone" with our guest star, Tiffany, to answer the question, "Just what is it with her, anyway?" Crossover/sci-fi/parody, rated PG
Through a Scooby Darkly
6/02 Wait! Go ahead and read this! It's real short, and it isn't what you think! (It's actually much worse.) Crossover/comedy, rated PG
The Nothingness of Being
6/02 The last we see of Joey in "One J at a Time" is the moment Quinn shuts the door on him. This story shows what happened next. Romance/angst, rated PG
Feeding Frenzy
6/02 Charles Ruttheimer III notices that everyone at Lawndale High is acting very much out of character--everyone who is female, that is. Comedy/romance, rated PG-13

A Midsummer Nightmare's Daria

7/02 Quinn pulls a prank that causes Jake to think that Daria has taken up demon worship, so he takes Daria to a weekend father-daughter seminar to "bring her back to the light." Add in a few former classmates, romance, and an unexpected twist--inspired by Stephen King--and a very strange summer weekend gets underway in Lawndale. Comedy/horror/thriller, rated PG-13
The Other Story of D
7/02 Jane finds a short story that Daria wrote during one of the worst periods in her life--and peers into a nightmare from which Daria has not yet escaped. Drama/angst PG-13
A Certain Amount of Depth.

Quinn Morgendorffer and David Sorenson meet in Lawndale, a year after they parted in "Is It Fall Yet?" Certain issues between them were never fully resolved. Will they be settled now?
Drama/angst/romance, rated PG

Another Damn Mary Sue Story
8/02 The author writes a ficlet in which he meets Daria. The cause of literature is hurled back into the Dark Ages. Comedy, rated PG because of mild swearing and the violent bit.
If You Only Walk Long Enough
9/02 A ten-year-old girl, in abject misery at summer camp, has an unexpected conversation with a cat--and learns a secret about the future. Crossover, rated PG
I Never Metamorphosis I Didn't Like
11/02 Daria Morgendorffer awakens one morning from uneasy dreams to find herself transformed in her bed into a giant cockroach. A rather twisted "third season"-esque comedy based on Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis."
Winter in Hell
12/02 Two cynical outcasts, seniors at Lawndale High School and the best of friends, struggle through another difficult day.
Drama, rated R
Die! Die! You Bastard!
1/03 After ruining Jane's hair-dye job, Daria fears she has lost her best friend. Jane, for her part, fears Daria is trying to steal her boyfriend, Tom. Will everything work out for the best? And what does T. S. Eliot have to do with any of this? An alternate-history version of "Daria" episode #413, the way it should have been.
1/03 Dinnertime visitors at the Morgendorffers' home prove that Jake was right about one thing after all.
April Is the Cruelest Month
1/03 Two junior undergraduates from Boston take their medical and emotional problems with them during spring break in the Rockies.
Hal Point Nine
2/03 A story about a girl and her . . . unusual pet.
Highland Fling
2/03 The best night that young Daria ever had in Highland did not start out that way.
(Go Ahead and) Dance
2/03 These are the lyrics to one of Trent Lane's better-known songs, written after Mystik Spiral's move to Boston (shortly after Trent's sister Jane began college there).
Wish upon a Fallen Star
2/03 Stacy Rowe goes out on a weird date with Ted DeWitt-Clinton--and they discover the future.
The African Queen
2/03 Fourteen heavily armed men went hunting for her in the jungle. It was not a fair fight.
Bus Stop
2/03 A crossover ficlet with an ironic "uh-oh."
Crossing Over
2/03 A dystopian Mary Sue crossover Daria metafic ficlet that should not have been written.
History Lesson
2/03 The Morgendorffers discover a new branch on their family tree.
The Impossible
2/03 A little girl realizes her goal in life, with the help of an even smaller girl--a bright blue one.
Moving Day
2/03 A romantic conversation--but since when was anything what it seemed?
Prayers for a SAINT
2/03 Amy Barksdale takes her favorite niece out to celebrate the publication of a Melody Powers story. Another story follows.
The Secret Life
2/03 Two college students from Lawndale finally realize they were made for each other--but will anyone else realize this, too?
Memory Lame
3/03 Amy Barksdale tells a little story, and Daria and Quinn almost die.
Natural Charms
3/03 When Upchuck takes up modeling photography, things unexpectedly develop in a negative way.
3/03 A Daria/Koyaanisqatsi crossover. It is impossible to describe this better than that.
3/03 It was hot, and little Jane was tired and bored and had nothing to do, when a rabbit ran past her, and--
Click, Click, Boom
3/03 Somewhere in an alternate universe, Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane, things click, and they're all over Lawndale, shooting people.. sort of.
Pander Bare
3/03 Daria mulls a possible career path as a nude exotic dancer. Seriously.
There Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies
3/03 Ninth-grader Daria Morgendorffer learns from her new phys-ed teacher at Highland High that the future can ride on the flip of a coin.
The Art of Seeing
5/03 When Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane in an alternate universe, they discover things that the eye will never find.
5/03 Thanks to shoddy fertility drugs, Quinn in this alternate-history tale becomes the oldest of a group of quintuplets--five same-age, genetically identical sisters, each with her own interests. The dramatic effects that this has on the Morgendorffers' life are revealed, with the equally dramatic effects this new family arrangement has on Our Heroine, Daria.
Based on an idea by Mike Yamiolkoski.
5/03 Unrequited love is not always properly spelled.
In the Beginning
5/03 Brittany Taylor has a guilty little secret. How will people react when they discover what she's been doing, and how long can she keep lying about it?
Luuuv Story
5/03 A decade after leaving high school, Daria and Quinn learn that their widowed mother, Helen Morgendorffer, has found someone special in her life . . . and it's Kevin Thompson. A sensitive and touching portrayal of mindless sex gone wrong.
Meet the Fashion Club
5/03 There was one career path that the Fashionable Foursome could have taken, if they had wanted popularity, money, fame, and dates--and had talent.
Sub-Urban Legend #1: The Girl Who Walked Home All Alone in the Dark
5/03 Jane Lane tells a slightly twisted bedtime story to the Gupty kids (a "Legends of the Mall" tale).
As Many Worlds as There Are Artists
8/03 Daria and Jane contemplate their future after high school, while Trent and Mystik Spiral hang out in the basement--but an artistic element has changed in the Lane household, in this alternate-world tale.
The First Time
8/03 Daria and Tom do it for the first time--and it's rated G!
Just Desserts
8/03 Timothy O'Neill cooks a marvelous dinner for Janet Barch, right after she made him quit taking that silly psychiatric medication.
Small Worlds
8/03 Daria and Jane meet a new Tom in this shameless Mary Sue set after "Is It College Yet?"
The Thong Remains the Same
8/03 In this sensitive and insightful, though unofficial, continuation of Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe, Amy and Joel separate after fighting over a trivial issue, as married couples usually do, and they and Daria, Jane, Quinn, Helen, Jake, Tom, and Brittany wander Lawndale in search of a plot involving thongs. BONUS! Features a new dramatic scene not seen before online!
But in Her Heart a Cold December
10/03 "Might be CIA," wrote Daria of her security-obsessed high-school principal, Angela Li. She was closer to the truth than she knew. Ms. Li reviews her turbulent life through the Cold War, to the time she took over "Laaawndale High," as she recovers from her breakdown in the fifth-season episode, "Fizz Ed."
Daria: The Next Generation
10/03 The younger siblings and relatives of major "Daria" characters find themselves spending the summer at "Uncle" Timothy O'Neill's all-new Okay-to-Cry Corral, with none other than Wind Lane as their cabin counselor. There, the kids face the horrors of rice cakes and tofu for breakfast, therapy sessions to heal their inner selves, a legendary monster in the cooling pond of a nearby nuclear power plant, and--first love. Sam and Chris Griffin, Rachel Landon, Brian Taylor, Link, and Jane Lane's nephew and niece, Adrian and Courtney, appear in this novel-length tale. The action takes place after the events of "Is It College Yet?"
Life Is Good
10/03 Evil Daria, sympathetic Tom, nice and short but not too sweet.
The Omega Jane
10/03 After a lethal pandemic kills almost everyone alive, Jane Lane inherits the earth--but only from dawn to dusk. Cannibalistic ghouls in the billions arise after sunset, and Daria Morgendorffer is one of them. A horror tale inspired by Richard Matheson's classic novel of paranoia and vampirism, "I Am Legend" (later filmed as "The Omega Man").
Tiffany in Wonderland
10/03 A little girl goes down a rabbit hole--and Wonderland goes down the drain. Yet another Daria/Alice in Wonderland crossover.
Could Someone Turn Down the Sun?
10/03 Wackiness aplenty takes place on the "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane Show," when Madame Tiffany the psychic accidentally causes the sun to go nova and destroy the earth. How will Daria and Jane cope with the loss of their core audience and network ratings, not to mention an astronomical catastrophe? Read on and find out! (Based on the future-ego shots at the end of Is It College Yet?)

Roger Moore began writing fiction and magazine articles in the late 1970s while working as a mental-health counselor in the Army. He joined TSR, Inc., in May 1983, and later became editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Adventures. He later ran the AD&D core rules product group in the Games division, then worked from home as an editor and game designer. He has short stories in a number of Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Ravenloft anthologies, and two longer works ("The Maelstrom's Eye" and "Errand of Mercy"). He is the author of the Greyhawk product "The Adventure Begins," which won the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Accessory of 1998. He writes "Daria" fanfic just because it's fun. He is married with two gaming-obsessed children.

Artwork based on "April Is the Cruelest Month" by SRA

"Jane as a Pixie," by Kemical Reaxion

The artwork that inspired the fanfic "Jane Unchained," by Roger Moore.

"Jane Unchained," by Kemical Reaxion

Daria meets Tinkerjane, from "Jane Unchained," by Roger Moore

Artwork based on "The Art of Seeing", drawn by Nick "Ranchoth" Gaston

Artwork based on "Nuthouse", drawn by Nick "Ranchoth" Gaston

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