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Synopsis: Unrequited love is not always properly spelled.


Author’s Notes: This story was an entry in a May 2003 PPMB Iron Chef contest to describe a case of unrequited love in the Dariaverse.


Acknowledgements: Thanks to WacoKid for starting the contest.




nok nok went the door. who is it he sed. gess who she sed. he was suprizd, it

was his babbysedder, darea. ok he sed, com in. she opend the door an cam in.

she was preddy an she lookd gorjis. her hare was aubrune an smeld nise. hi she

sed, is it ok if i stay her. shur he sed, r u ok. no she sed a man is chazing

me, im skared, so pleez help me. ok he sed, an he got a big basbal bat an when

the door opend an the man cam in he hit him BAMM an noked him coldd an darea

said, o u r so cool, i luv u can i stay wiht u 4ever. ok he sed u r the mos

buutiful weman n the wurld mary me. ok she sed an she kissd hi—


            Knock, knock, went the door. “Are you in bed yet?”

            “Yes, Mother!”

            “Why is the light on under your door?”

            “I’m trying to sleep, Mother!”

            “Are you reading?”

            “Mom, I’m trying to sleep, okay? Let me sleep, please!”

            He heard his mother walk away from the bedroom door, and he sighed in relief. He made sure the notebook in which he had been writing was securely hidden, so neither his parents nor his sister Tricia (when she returned from Sarah’s house tomorrow) would find it. His secret was still safe—he hoped.

            And best of all, Daria Morgendorffer would baby-sit again this coming weekend. Tad Gupty could hardly wait. He climbed in bed, turned off the light, and lay there, looking at the dark ceiling, wondering what it was like to kiss her.




Original: 5/18/03

Shipper (Tad Gupty/Daria—oh, don’t look at me like that!)