Danny Bronstein

Fast Times at Lawndale High
6/98 No Description Yet
Hell Hath No Fury
2/98 Daria in Carrie
Misfit Love
2/98 No Description Yet
One-Band Town
2/98 A Daria/South Park crossover
Sex and the Cynical Girl
2/98 No Description Yet

Danny Bronstein is a 17-year-old high school senior from the San Fernando Valley (near L.A.) whose writing abilities make up for a complete lack of social skills. The Daria fanfics he has written include "Misfit Love", "One Band Town" (a crossover with "South Park"), "Sex and the Cynical Girl", and "Hell Hath No Fury". He has lots of ideas for fanfics that he promises to eventually get to writing, and with any luck he'll come across a South Park fanfic page too.

Danny also enjoys going to movies (he sees a movie every weekend and is an encyclopedia of film), rollerblading, playing guitar, reading, and hanging out with his little brother Michael (who was born when Danny was 16!). At the time this was written, Danny was one semester away from graduating. He could hardly wait.

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