Trent Lane

Age: 23
Occupation: Musician
Goals: Learn an open-D tuning

Trent is Jane's older brother, Daria's prospective love interest, and has a band:  Mystik Spiral.  He's several years older than Daria.  He graduated high-school three years ago.  He lives with his parents (not neccessarily over the garage), and seems to have no intention of moving out.  Or leaving the house if he can help it.

He has a blue two-door car that is pretty old and enjoys crashing parties.  But not high-school parties.

Trent's History:
First season
Second season
Third season
Fourth season

Trent's Music

Trent's Alter-Egos
First season
Second season
Third season
Fourth season
Fifth season

Trent's Car
I have been informed by Daniel Day that Trent's car is a '73 or '74 Plymouth Satellite (bottom of page). You can find pictures of the car here and here.
It may instead by a '73 Plymouth Sebring. Very few of these are left around.

What his name means:
Latin, "torrent, rapid stream".

Trent's numerology reports:
Trent's name numbers
Trent's inclusion table
Daria and Trent's compatibility table

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