Trent's Alter-Egos
Fifth Season

The things he'll do to support the band.
Concession Trent

Jane thought it was just a phase... then she got the invitation to the bar mitzvah

Jewish Trent
They're taking the whole cover-band thing way too far.
Mercy Spiral  
Mystik Jug  

The new look unfortunately didn't include a new sound.

Max's refusal to become a "lost boy" instead of a "criminalé" caused a lot of tension in the band.
Trent Pan  
This is when Mystik Spiral videos took a new turn.
Trent Stroheim  
He would have made a lot more money if he could have just pulled off the cheeky Cockney accent.
Trent Sweep  
Spiral lands an ongoing gig. At a disco parlor. And Jesse bought the costumes.
Trippy Twosome  

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