Trent's Inclusion Table

The Inclusion Table: your haves and have nots


number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
count 1 2 1 0-- 4++ 0-- 0-- 0-- 1
The inclusion table is the jewel in the lotus of the name part of numerology. It indicates which numbers (in your name) are present and which are absent. Numbers that are absent or are present in too great a quantity, are called your karma numbers by most numerologists. It is with these particular numbers that you will have to concentrate, get to know and develop throughout your life. They represent the challenges or lessons that life brings you. They are yours to recognize, come to grips with, and make your own.

There are 4 numbers missing in your name.


A lack of "4's" indicates that you tend to shirk your responsibilities and work in particular. You need to develop roots and a secure environment. Accepting the status quo and the limitations of this life is the big thing.


A lack of "6's" suggests that you refuse or cannot accept responsibility or things as they are. You struggle to avoid the obvious and won't attend to those areas of yourself or life that demand and need your attention.


A lack of "7's" tends to indicate a failure to go beneath the surface, avoiding religious and philosophical issues anything with depth or significance beyond appearances. A lack of faith in general, a fear of being alone or of dying.


A lack of "8's" often indicates a refusal to recognize the importance of the mundane and worldly. A denial of the effect or existence of influence, power, money, politics -ignoring them. You don't want to play that game.

Karma can also result from having a surplus of a given number. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This is indicated by those numbers that occur in our name in super abundance. They can show great strength in what they signify, but they can themselves become a problem. Numbers that are present in excess must be noted and a conscious effort be made by us to compensate for their great strength. Properly balanced, these numbers can bring great success.
There is 1 number in overabundance in your name.


An overabundance of "5's" is the mark of the profligate -one who abuses human freedom. Going, going... gone. A lack of concern or a tendency to hurt others. Too much of a good thing. Need to cultivate a sense of responsibility.

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