Trent's Name Numbers

Your name, as recorded on your birth certificate, provides a major number and vibration that identifies you. This name or expression number, as it is called, along with the life path number as derived from your birthdate, are the two keys to your numerological nature. From your legal name, three important numbers are derived:
The Motivation or Dharma Number
The motivation or soul number is derived from the vowels in your name and represents your dharma or guiding essence. It is the inner you that is trying to express itself in the outside world. It is the very essence of who you are.


With a motivation number of "2" you seek situations where you can work closely with others. Marriage and a life of help and service to others will be important. You avoid aggression and are instead attracted to ideas of peace and cooperation.

The Impression or Karma Number
The impression or personality number is derived from the consonants in your name and represents your karma or that with which you must work during your life. The impression number provides an insight into what you have been given to do, your personality or life circumstances. This is the situation you have to work with and through which your motivation or dharma number is speaking and must express itself.


Your impression number of "8" makes people seek you out on matters of business and promotion. You appear to be at home with power and all that it entails. It is obvious to others that you are in control and know exactly what you want.

The Expression or Self Number
The expression number is derived from the combination of the motivation and impression numbers and it represents how you appear, act, and are in life -- you as others see and know you. Therefore, the expression number is the key or major number to keep in mind when examining your name. It is the combined inner forces of guidance as they work with and use the outer you - your personality to live and express your life.


Your expression number of "1" indicates that you must lead and stand on your own feet. You are aggressive, ambitious, and creative. Achievement is a top priority with you. You are number one and no one will be able to forget or deny that fact.

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