Dr. Belch

The Plot in a Nutshell
4/98 A Daria/Pinky and the Brain crossover
Spring Break in Hell
2/98 No Description Yet
  Review by Mr. Maddog

'Dr. Belch' is the messageboard pseudonym of one of our most bizarre authors, Jonathan M. Sweet. Sweet is a senior at Arkansas State University, soon to be a grad student, who majors in English and plans one day to be a teacher and author. His biggest dream is to start a comic book company and do voiceover work for cartoons produced by his own studio. Originally born in the Windy City, Sweet came down South at the tender age of five and was held prisoner of war for twelve years in his own sick, sad world of Blytheville, AR...the dismal, mostly black little toilet bowl of a town that provided him with the inspiration for the town his characters live, love, and die in...Jigaboo Junction, USA. It is a horrible, surreal little world that mirrors own own like a shard of broken glass. The hero of his stories is J.M. Sweet, an uberteen who has devoted his life to saving the city and a constant search for his true purpose in life.

Sweet the author is a tall, bespectacled man with a fierce beard and long sideburns with the build of a pro wrestler; his 6 foot tall 210-lb. frame throws fear into the hearts of the weak. He is a big fan of the music of Bob Dylan and a harmonica player who believes that the cheeseburger is nature's perfect food and who loves to listen to music and AM talk radio, read Stephen King, utter belches of great volume and length (hence the pseudonym), write, draw, and watch TV--especially classic sitcoms, stand-up comedy, "Daria" (natch), "South Park", "Beavis and ButtHead", and "Pinky and the Brain". His idols are Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, Lewis Grizzard, Andrew Dice Clay, and of course, the great one himself, Mr. Bob Dylan!

Sweet is currently carrying on a long-distance love affair with a certain other darling of the message boards."

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