"Daria In Wonderland"
{Subtitled: 'This Must Be Paradise'}

This was a long one, so it got split into several pieces.  Due to the limits of tables, I had to change the menu bars, etc. This is also a slightly revised version.
For ambiance, listening to the opening of Final Fantasy 7 while reading the prologue is suggested.  If you've seen the intro, you'll know the timing.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



An excert from a story, written in aging blue ink on a greying notebook paper...

As students standing at the dawn of a brand new century, we face certain choices. How do we prepare for the future?

Melody Powers knew how she was going to prepare, as she checked the fit on her tooled leather shoulder holster.

Pages are flipped over...

Here, we find the forgotten story, "Perpetual Autumn Of The Soul". The paper echos out the hollowed words of a girl who is powerless against the coming changes that plunge her into the shadows of the future. The words are also lost forever within the void, along with everything from the world that this girl had lived in...

A young girl looks up after reading these words. She blinks her blue eyes from behind her glasses. On her face is a somber look.

She then closes the blue binder containing literture from an era that only exists in the memories of others now gone. We see her wearing a leather vest over her blue shirt and black shorts. This girl takes a look at something from afar, sighs, and tucks the binder under her arm. As she walks down the hallway lined with endless lockers, her footsteps are echoed thourghout the floor. The floor in a building that has an atmosphere of a dying mind.

Then, the school bell rang very loud and on cue comes a stampede of students rushing all around the girl like a mighty stream around an insigficant pebble. The scene zooms far out through the doors of a red bricked building complex and far above a small town. Up through the dark red clouds, the sun shines it's rays above a layer of vapor mist. The clouds stretched out endlessly towards an infinite horizon...then they get darker and more grey. Many miles have passed in a blink of an eye.

The rain desends down below... Through the clouds now is a jet plane. The jet plane makes it's decent through the rain and thunder down to the airport below. It pulls up as it approaches the up coming runway and the tires screached as it hits the slick strip of pavement. The plane slowly turns near a terminal and as it stops, the stairways link up to it.

The passengers get out of the plane and are greeted by the rainstorm as the scramble to getdown to the wet, shiny asphalt. The last person to get off is a woman wearing a raincoat and hat. We cannot see her face at all.

This woman never really wanted to be here at all, but she is here for a purpose. From here on is the journey which she must go and face her past...and change the future. This is her story.