Daria Morgendorffer

Age: 18
Occupation: Student; 12th grade
Goals: Escape Lawndale with sanity intact

Smart. Sarcastic. Cynical. Literate. Outcast. These terms all seem to go together. And they all describe Daria. Stuck in a public high-school in a typical suburban town, surrounded by morons, she uses her intellect and cynical idea of human nature to escape from complete boredom.

She dislikes jerks, idiots, psychologists, well, quite a lot of things. It'll be easier to list what she does like. She enjoys reading, especially the classics. She enjoys writing. She also likes to watch Sick, Sad World with her friend Jane. She is currently dating Tom Sloane, an occurance which caused her to remark "hell's frozen over".

Daria's History:
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Fourth season

Daria's Writing

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Daria's Alter-Egos
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What her name means:
Feminine form of latin Darius, meaning uncertain but usually "king". This name could also stem from Old English dar, "dare".

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