The First Annual Sick, Sad World Fanfic Contest
Final Results

The Challenge:

Write a Daria fanfic under the title "Daria in Wonderland". It can by in any literary style, any genre, any length.


Each story was rated by two judges, and the total scores are displayed below. Click on the score to read the judges' full commentary.

The Entry E.I.C Decko Total
Daria in Wonderland,
Or the Hunting of the Snipe:
A Darian Agony in Four Fits

By Barry Eshkol Adelman

97 100 197
"Daria In Wonderland"
{Subtitled: 'This Must Be Paradise'}

By Mr. Maddog

72 98 170
Daria in Dreamland

By Meg

71 98 161

Daria in Wonderland

By Michael J. Pfeffer

82 73 155
Episode 14- "Valentines Day at Lawndale High"

By Heidi Reesink

33 67 100

By Erinskate

29 35 64


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