The Daria Episode Guide:
Road Worrier

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Trent destroys one of Jane's art projects with his cranked up music, so Jane drags Daria down to complain (she totes around her new glue-gun the whole episode). They find out that Trent is going to Alternapalooza, but are short gas money. Jane offers to help pay if they can come along.
Meanwhile, the Fashion Club is shopping for alternative clothing, Sandy forcing the others to go check out the alternative styles. Quinn and Daria find out that both of them are going, but decide that in ten thousand people they can manage to lose each other.
Trent and his band-mate, Jesse, pick up Daria and Jane, and off they go. Daria manages to hit her head on the van, sit on a peanut butter sandwich and get stung by a bee during the ride before their first stop. Later, while they're stuck in traffic, Daria has to run off behind some bushes to pee.
The Fashion Club, along with Joey, Jeffey, Jamie (in a convertible), Jodie, Mack, Kevin and Brittany (in a jeep) stop at the same diner, where Brittany finds out there will only be porta-potties at the concert.
Jake and Helen do some of the "get the spice back in my marriage" that Helen mentioned in "Pinch Sitter".
The van breaks down, and Jane drags Jesse off to look behind a sound-wall for help, leaving Daria and Trent alone.
The Fashion Club spots a sign for an outlet store, and head off to go clothes shopping, dragging the guys with them.
Trent plays his guitar, and talks to Daria, which she really enjoys (until Jane returns). Since there were no houses behind the wall, Jane tries to fix the van with her new glue-gun and gets it running, just as everyone is leaving the concert. .

Daria:  And I thought you were on your way to a sci-fi convention.
Jane:  No thanks.  Reality's bizarre enough for me.

Quinn: Don't worry, it's fake.
Daria:  Aw, you got a tattoo to match your personality.

Quinn: Can I have $29.99 for a removable nose ring? No piercing required!
Daria: Good idea. You don't need any more holes in your head.

Jesse:  This guy's not about selling out.
Trent:  No way.
Jane:  Cause for that to happen you'd need someone interested in buying.  Well, someone had to pick up the slack.

"I hate to tell you this, but there's a big greasy spot of peanut-buttery goodness on your butt." - Jane ("Road Worrier")

"Can you rig that glue gun to shoot bullets? I'm ready to end my suffering." - Daria ("Road Worrier")

Daria: I've got a bump on my head, a bug bite on my arm, and a sandwich on my ass.
Jane: And all in front of Trent.
Daria:  Now twist the knife counter-clockwise.

"Stop staring at me, you squirrel pervert!" - Daria ("Road Worrier")

Daria:  They're not gonna make fun of me?
Jane:  For peeing in the woods? They're in a band, Daria.  Those boys puke on each other on a regular basis.
Jesse: (to Trent) That reminds me.  You owe me a shirt.

Trent: Do you ever feel like you're wasting your life?
Daria: Only when I'm awake.

Trent:  You know Daria, sometimes it's hard to believe you're in high-school.
Daria:  I find the situation unbelievable myself.

Wraith's Ramblings:
This episode goes into social commentary a bit by making fun of the Baby Boomer's support for the War on Drugs, and is certainly one of the most popular episodes with some fans (a/k/a shippers). There is a little development with Trent's character, some coverage of the Fashion Club, and some more about Helen and Jake.
Also see my Rambling of 7-7-97.

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