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First, an FYI.  In next week's Daria, Daria and Jane go to Alternapalooza.

I know it wasn't long since my last Rambling, but I didn't feel like waiting.

"The Big House" showed promise.  The writers are starting to develope sub-plots.  I'm sure you've all noticed them, but here they are again.

1)  "Who was that masked man?"  This is going to drive me nuts until I find out whether or not the writers are actually going to explain why Daria was out late, and who she was with.  The car that drops her off is not Trent's, his is blue.  It could either be Skyler's (from "Pinch Sitter") car, Guy's (from "Malled") car, or someone else's car.  And I'm not sure Jane knows why Daria was out late, since she never refers to it or teases Daria about it, even after Daria gets grounded...

2)  "Why must I be a teen-ager in love?"  Does Kevin have something with Daria?  He's incredibly worried about her over the whole episode.  I'm not sure he'd be worried at all about Brittany in a similar situation.  He even ignores his 'babe' to watch Daria and worry about her.  He does go to her for advice often, but that just means he's smart enough to know she's incredibly smarter than he is.  Daria, of course, doesn't like him at all, and is pretty nasty to him (not that he notices much).

3)  "I burned down the malt shop where we used to go, just because it reminds me of you."  Mrs. Barch beats up Rock and Roll Randy, shouting "It's pay-back time!".  Why?  Is she defending Mr DiMartino (another man)?  Not likely.  She must have something personal against him, but what?  Is he her ex (as mentioned in "The Lab Brat")?  She never metions her ex's name, so it's possible.  If so, they better clarify this one a bit.

Something that's been building, and has been reffered to on other sites (in a way) is Daria's nasty streak.  She isn't too physical, but her revenges are true masterworks.  Remember the story she told Joey, Jeffey, and Jamie in "The Invitation"?  "And the traffic was so backed up, mom handed Quinn the empty soda cup and said, 'Here.  You gotta go.  Then go.'"  The ending of "Cafe Disaffecto"?  Etc, etc.  She doesn't seem to have much patience, and idiots, twerps, et al really annoy her quickly.  I imagine that if she ever lost her temper, she'd go for the throat (if you know what I mean... and with those boots of hers...).


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