The Daria Episode Guide:
The Big House

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Daria and Quinn are caught out late, and Helen comes up with a new set of family rules. They are tried and sentenced to one month of grounding.
At school, Jodie is selling tickets to the Teachers vs. D.J. Roller Hockey game, and Jane and Daria both get tickets (there's a pool about when Mr. DeMartino will have a heart-attack).
Quinn spends all her time on the phone while grounded, and Daria reads books, plays her harmonica (not very well, mind), and trounces her parents at various board games (the Scrabble board they showed had variations on 'incarceration' all over it).
Kevin gets really freaked out at school (he thinks her parents are conducting strange experiments on her). Daria finally gets sick of it, and decides to break out.
Jake and Helen both call leaving messages they'll be late, so Daria just walks out and goes to the Roller Hockey game, where Miss Barch beats up the big DJ (Rock and Roll Randy) that's been ticking off Mr. DeMartino. When her parents find out about it from Quinn (her date was late showing up) they go ballistic, but Daria manages to convince them to let her go out and call if she'll be late.

"But a voice in his head told him his work here on Earth wasn't finished.  Some of his students weren't wetting the bed yet." - Jane ("The Big House")

Daria:  I didn't even know we had a curfew.
Jake:  That's interesting, Daria, I didn't either.  But according to your mother...

"Rule number one:  Persistent questioning of parental judgment is punishable" - Helen ("The Big House")

"Hey, does this mean we get to wander in the desert for forty years?" - Daria ("The Big House")

"Careful.  Don't fall off the accouterments." - Daria ("The Big House")

"The only thing worse than actually reading is watching somebody else read." - Quinn ("The Big House")

"Dad, these tired bones may be locked behind prison walls, but when I play this rusty old harp my soul flies, free as a bird." - Daria ("The Big House")

"Although, the clothing would disguise any electrodes below the neck." - Jane ("The Big House")

Kevin:  They did mental stuff to her.  I can tell.
Brittany:  Nobody better try that on me!
Jodie:  Yeah.

Jane:  So, basically you convinced them that you were too dull to be worth grounding?
Daria:  Exactly.  And the sad thing is, it's kinda true.

Wraith's Ramblings:
Some good coverage of Daria's reading, although I wouldn't really have expected her to be a big blues fan (I can see how she'd play off it in that situation, however). Kevin comes out very heavily as a puppy-dog; cute, likable, friendly, and dumb as a post. Jodie starts hanging around with Daria and Jane (or at least talking to them) some, and we get some more exploration of Daria's family (Helen quotes Stalin... Ms. Li would approve). I'm still a bit irritated at the opening, however, as there doesn't seem to be any intention of clearing up where she was.
Also see my Rambling of 7-2-97.

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