Jane Lane

Age: 18
Occupation: Student; 12th grade
Goals: Go just crazy enough to be a good artist without taking any ears off.

Jane is Daria's best friend, although there was a close call when Daria started going out with her ex-boyfriend, Tom. She's an artist, and she shares many of Daria's views of her classmates. She's more open to other people than Daria, and has helped Daria open up more to others.

She runs fairly often, whether to think or for fitness we don't know. She paints with both hands, and seems to throw herself into painting when she's trying not to think about something.

Jane's History:
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Jane's Art
I am currently looking for captures of Jane's art

Jane's Alter-Egos
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What her name means:
Feminine form of John, Hebrew "graced by God"

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