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Let's start the night off with a little political humor.
I've found an interesting game interview as well. It's about NeverWinter Nights, but I think the first question might be of interest to the general Daria audience.
And something everyone who identifies with Daria should read.
There's also some Sick, Sad News, and an interesting article titled The Viruses of the Mind.

And, of course, on to "The Lost Girls" (and to think I once tried doing daily Ramblings but stopped for lack of time...).
It's very nice to finally see Daria's writing getting some attention again. And Mr. O'Neill would certainly do something like submit it to a magazine contest without telling her about it (probably wouldn't want to hurt her self-esteem if she didn't win, you know; which makes me wonder how many times he's already done this). Maybe at some point in the future he'll do the same, but with a prestigious writing contest, like the The Writers of the Future Contest. It'd be far better, from Daria's POV, to win a nice big cash prize.
We actually got to see a new side of Ms. Li this episode. Guess she didn't always have a Napoleon complex, although it's really hard to picture her in a tutu.
Jane's interest in New York is something we haven't seen but once before, in "College Board." Something we'll see again? Perhaps. If we get a sixth season, the end will have Daria's class scattering off to college, and it'll be interesting to see who goes where (this is also why there almost certainly won't be a seventh season).
Daria's finally getting back to her old self, albeit with far more patience than she used to have. She withstood almost a full day of Val before running out of it, but it had to happen eventually, even if Val didn't notice most of the insults.

This show was good, but not great. There really wasn't much, if any, character development, but it was funny. The season so far has been an improvement on second season for sure, but it isn't up to the level of first season again yet.


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