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I'm baa-aack. I saw the end of fourth season, as well as the movie, and, well, here I am again. It'll take me a while to get the site back up to spec, but I've already started.

But I could use some help. I've got some requests to make.

1) Images. Captures from the show, especially the alter-egos from the end. Note: please don't download them from someone else's site and mail them in. Send me a link to the site instead, and I'll try to work out something with the webmaster. This applies to everything I'm asking for, by the by.
2) Video and sound files. This is a minor request for now. These are not going to be too high on my priority list, with a couple exceptions. A video of Freakin' Friends would be nice (I already have a music file, but no video), or of the Is It Fall Yet? intro.
3) Fanfic. Fanfic and fan art subs are on low priority status until I get the rest of the site caught up to the point where I have time to handle them better, but go ahead and send them in.
4) Essays, on the other hand... are very welcome. Commentaries and rants are as well. I'll be putting those up quickly.
5) Videos of third season. If there's someone out there with some high-quality recordings who is willing to dub some (or all) of them for me, let me know. I have all of season one, half of season two, and can get fourth, but I don't know how much third or second will be rerun, so it'd be nice to get.
6) Information. Changes in voice-actors, who wrote what, things like that. I'll be able to find out most of it myself when I get the tapes, but this will speed things up. I'm also looking for any background information on the voice-actors anyone has, as well as pictures and other works.
7) And most importantly... annotations. This is the really big one. Any references, allusions, double-meanings, loose threads, all of those neat little things you've noticed, let me know. This was something I had great fun working on (my Don Juan/Don Jake comparison was probably the most fun I had with the page), and it's going to be the main focus from now on. There's no way I'll spot them all (the war movie references in The Daria Hunter, for example; I don't watch many war movies) so I'll need help.
Also, I'll be adding Tom's numerology info as soon as I find out whether or not his full first name is Thomas (which seems likely).

Now, about the site. Character descriptions are obviously out-of-date, and will remain more-or-less so until I get (and watch) all the episodes. Images of all the characters will probably have to wait until someone sends them in or I get a new video card. I'll add episode summaries and quotes as I see the episodes, and annotations as I get them. Ramblings should be fairly regular once I start getting episodes, which I'll be watching (or at least attempt to) in order.

And some quick comments on fourth season and Is It Fall Yet? I don't want to say too much, because I haven't seen all the other episodes yet (Depth Takes a Holiday is pretty much where I stopped watching, until some friends told me things had improved) and I'd like to have all the background.
The whole Daria/Tom scene at the end of IIFY, with Helen and Jake in the background, could be some foreshadowing of trouble. Helen and Jake do not have the most healthy relationship (and, of course, a stable relationship doesn't make for good TV), and if this was meant as foreshadowing, we'll see trouble.

One more thing (I promise): where is the math teacher? We've got English, History, Art, Economics, Science, and Phys Ed, but unless I missed one we haven't seen a Math teacher.


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