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Mar 10, 1998


Some site news:
I'll be gone all next week, including this weekend and next, so don't expect any site updates. It's remotely possible that I'll get access to a computer sometime while I'm gone, but I won't be doing anything more than checking the message board. Speaking of which, I've arranged for that to be temporarily maintained by someone else (I will not say who), so don't expect to get away with much while I'm gone :P

This episode was good, but not great. The family background was nice, but the fashion expo subplot was almost totally worthless. The only good thing to come out of that was the use of Jodie and Mack, and a highlighting of Jodie's growing acceptance of Daria's viewpoint. The only problem with that is that we haven't seen enough of her to find out who she is yet, so a transition towards Daria's paradigm is pretty meaningless. The plot was also fairly predictable, and there wasn't any classic Daria-esque happenings. Still, the reception blew up on it's own, there wasn't really a need for her to meddle.
Just as a note, this was another episode written by someone who hasn't written an earlier episode.

Helen's family background was nice to see, since we finally have some sort of possible genetic connection between Daria and her mother (by way of Aunt Amy).
Jake was developed a bit in this episode, since he actually stood up to Helen and went golfing anyway. True, it was in secret, and she was drunk, but he did it. Also, his glance towards her during the "tiger in the bedroom" conversation was revealing, especially taken with the phone-sex hinted at last episode. Of course, they did seem to have fun during "Road Worrier," so who knows.
Quinn remains her usual attractive self, although she helped clean up after the fight this time. I bet she's never had someone - outside immediate family - show affection for her without some sort of manipulation before...

The extras were great, especially Lerman (he got the best line, too). I'd love to see him again, but it might be hard to explain why this monotone (see, Daria is NOT a monotone... that was probably his main purpose) cousin is hanging around. The bridesmaids were pretty stereotypical (who'd have thunk it?), but at least they provide a nice sounding board for some good jokes.
Aunt Amy is, of course, the older version of Daria I hope to see in a few years when the creators age the character. (This is not mere wishing on my part... one of the articles quotes them as saying they'll be doing this.) At least there's some reason to believe Daria is related to Helen now (the whole looking around during the ceremony scene was great. The little-finger ear-cleaning, Helen waiving 'keep your eyes forward,' Amy making faces. Notice how Quinn seems rather unaffected by the whole thing one way or another... not enough imagination to be bored, maybe?).

Next week, Trent takes Daria and Jane to a Flea Market while Helen and Jake meet some old friends. Those of you waiting for Trent scenes, here's your chance.



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