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Tonight is the last night questions are being accepted for the Daria Q&A on D-Day thingy.

Yes, there is another Daria chat tonight.  It's friday, so don't worry about how late you stay up :)

This saturday MTV is showing the first seven episodes of Daria.  At ll:30 (MTV time) is "Malled," 2 PM to 5 PM are "Esteemsters" through "The Lab Brat", sans "Malled."  "The Lab Brat" and "This Year's Model" are also on Sunday starting at 1 pm.




 There is another Daria chat tonight, again on efnet, and there will also be one tomorrow night around 8:30 EST.



I was just cruising the various Daria sites and articles (got to make sure the links still work), and I stopped by MTV's site (something I suspect is rarely done), more to find out what episode they're playing this week than anything.  But, it turns out it was a good thing to do.  I found this announcement:

DARIA REVEALS ALL! Maybe not. But e-mail your questions here now and she'll answer as many as she can on MTV during Daria Day, Feb 16! (Don't forget to include your name and hometown, so Daria knows where you're writing from.)

Well, guess we know when second season will start ;)



There will be a Daria chat next Tuesday on efnet, channel #Daria, at around 9 pm EST.  I'd encourage everyone to attend if possible, the discussion promises to be very interesting.



Lying here on my bed, staring at a fascinating crack in the ceiling, I consider the past year.  I've left a place where I don't fit in and moved to a whole new place where I don't fit in.  I've made a new friend who is equally unpopular, so that together we really drive people away.  And, thankfully, I can always count on my family... to make me want to join the Witness Protection Program.  Yes, things have really improved in the last twelve months.  By which I mean they haven't gotten any worse.
-- The Daria Diaries


It's a new year, and this is the tradition time (more or less) to look back and look ahead.  Too bad we don't do this more often.

In the last year, a spin-off of one of MTVs most popular shows has - despite strange scheduling, a short and oddly timed season, and an almost complete lack of advertising - turned into one of MTVs top rated shows.

What can we expect from the new year?  Most importantly to many of us, a new season of Daria.  There's high expectations thanks the strong finish of first season, and the appearance that MTV execs aren't going to fiddle with the show (since they seem to be rather baffled by the realization that they do indeed have a popular show with a smart protagonist).

Oh yes, it's also an election year.  Hypocrisy will abound, truth will be spun, lies will be covered, influence will be peddled, gullibility will be exploited and new levels of cynicism and distrust will be reached.  Joy.
On the plus side, there will be plenty of material to poke fun at, er, discuss.


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