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Only a small addition right now, but I felt like putting something up.

Rita Cat has informed me that MTV will be showing BIG blocks of Daria on it's Animation Weekend, and sent me this schedule:

August 2, Saturday
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

August 3, Sunday
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

6 and a half hours of Daria!  This is every single episode, in two blocks.  This will probably be a straight run through of episodes 1 - 13, so if you want to get them taped without the 10-Spot adds over-riding the end credits, here's your chance.  Also, last time they showed Daria in blocks, there were no commercials between episodes, which saves a bit of fast-forwarding.

Next, I've found an interesting discussion on the Girls on Film site.  They rated Daria a while back, and it wasn't too favorable.  Now, they've opened up a bulliten board for anyone to post comments about their set of reviews (including Jenny McCarthy, Clueless and Sabrina).  I encourage you to go check it out and perhaps make your opinion known.

I've also added a few review links, and there's actually a new one in there (I think).  It also includes a link to the GoF discussion.


7-22-97, Later the same day

It's me again...

Interesting reactions to "The Misery Chick" on the various message boards.  Totally mixed, of course, some hated it and some liked it.  Personally, I think I'll have to nominate it as my favourite episode.

"The Misery Chick" showed a wonderful step forward on the part of the writers.  I've seen live-action shows that don't explore their characters that well, sitcom or not.  The only problem I have with it is that <sarcasm> the ending could have been a little less subtle </sarcasm>.  Other than that, we got a great insight into most of the major characters, and some not-so-major characters.  Jodie showed just what kind of pressure she's under to 'fit-in' and how much she sometimes hates it.  Brittany showed some loyalty to Kevin (!).  Jane showed that she's fairly tender-hearted (I mean, it's not like she pushed the goalpost over, and still she worried ;).  And, of course, Daria showed quite a bit about herself... she does care what other people think of her, to an extent.  Otherwise all the people coming to her for advice would have only irritated her for the waste of time, not because of the "It makes you think" stuff.

Although the other shows are great as well, I think that this kind of social satire is exactly what I was expecting from the show.  Not only can it make most of society look like twits (not that much help is needed), it can be funny about it.  And some of this stuff is even funny to the people it's directed at, from what I've seen.  I may be stereotyping, but many of the viewers strike me as Daria-fodder, and yet they still find the show funny (of course, they may have simply not caught on yet...).

So, "The Misery Chick" is my current favourite episode.  Great characters and character exploration, great plot, great jokes, and a promising look towards next season.  (Of course, it helps that I'm a bit morbid myself...)

I know many people didn't like it for the death overtones (and undertones and tones), but that only prods me to one final nasty comment, echoing Jane.  "What they mean is, this made me think, and it's hurting my poor little head.  We know you think, because you don't smile all the time, so could you please tell me how you handle thinking all the time, so I don't feel so bad until I return to my normal vegetative state?"  (I personally found this 'moral' of more interest than the subtle-as-a-crazed-rhinocerous-on-acid moral in Mr. O'Neill's class)




Very interesting choice for a season ending.  Is this the start of a new trend?  This is the second of the more 'serious' topic shows ("The Road Worrier" was serious for Daria at least).  I personally quite like the change.  It's not the laugh-a-minute that shows like "The Teachings of Don Jake" are, but, to me, are even more interesting.  I would like to see more shows in this vein, a bit more than a 1-6 ratio.

Everyone assumes Daria is the "misery chick" because she doesn't smile.  From my conversations with non-US residents, this is a fairly localized thing.  The obsession with smiling is almost totaly a US invention.  Another lovely thing brought to you by Disney (among others).  Why are americans obsessed with smiling?  Is it because image is everything (despite the 7-up commercials... or is it Sprite?  I can never remember)?  Many service related businesses (especially fast food and such) order their employees to smile whenever customers are around.  I guess it's supposed to make the place 'more friendly'.  I personally think it makes them look either like they're on happy-pills or they have had colagen injected into their lips in the shape of a smile.  Daria is one of the few people who have escaped this sociatal conditioning.  She'll smile when she has reason, but there's no point in it otherwise.

Did anyone else notice Jane's medieval period?  Those new paintings in her room were rather interesting, since most of what we've seen so far has been abstract or sketches.  Hopefully we'll see more.  Jane also seems to be somewhat into staying fit.  When she comments that she's going on a run, Daria accepts it like she does it fairly often.  And we do see her (Jane, not Daria) putting on a running outfit in "Pinch Sitter".

Trent showed a welcome glimmer of empathy and common sense when he sent Daria up to Jane's room.  He may be a few twinkles short of a glimmer, but he's not insensitive.  Trent and Daria are starting to look like a very good match for each other.  On the various message boards I've seen a complaint about their age difference.  Daria is 16, and I'd place Trent in the 18-20 area.  Two years age difference is very common, and four years isn't that uncommon.  And Daria is definetly more mature than the rest of her supposed 'peers'.

More page updates should be coming tonight, although Quotes and Conversations may take a bit longer.  I have got to get a VCR for my room...


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