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In case you didn't notice, I have a new, improved Sick Sad World logo.  Also, a nice pic of Daria has been added to the Hansel and Gretel story.

As a request to all of you out there with links to this page, please include the below image.  In return, I'll put up any images you care to have as a link (within reason).

Next week's episode, as I'm sure most of you know, is the last of the first series.  Unfortunately, this means a long period of re-runs before we get to see some new Daria.  The rumoured time for the new season is early 1998, and since each episode is supposed to take ten months to produce, this seems reasonable.  What can we do to fill the time?  Well, watch the re-runs, of course.  There's sure to be a lot of trivia and references missed the first time, so we've got plenty of time to find them.  And, of course, fanfic (hint, hint).  If we can't see it, let's write it.

On a side note, I am currently suffering under New Toy Syndrome.  The game (Ultima Online) which is the focus of my other web page has entered Beta testing.  I'm still going to be answering mail at least once a day, and updating this site, I won't have as much time to spend on Sick Sad World.  In a couple weeks, when the first contact euphoria has worn off a bit, I'll be back in full form.




Yes, already a new Rambling.  Tonight's episode was great, and I've done some site work today, so here it goes.

First, I've got a rating system and site ratings up.  I also put up an Ego page, I mean, site praise page.  Part three of M.I.B. is also up, so go check it out.

Now, the episode...  there are some interesting references and jokes in it.  I doubt too many people under their mid-20's (in case you're wondering, I'm 20, I just have a more eclectic background than most) have read "The Teachings of Don Juan", unless they're pretty trippy hippy types.  This episode, to me, means that MTV is breaking away from their 'normal' audience with this show.  While drugs may be a big part of the 'image' of many of MTV's normal audience, those drugs are most certainly not things like peyote or mushrooms.  There were a few lines in the show that are probably parodies of the afore-mentioned book, but I haven't read it in quite a while.

All of you people who said that Daria really isn't that nasty, I must direct your attention to her campfire story.  If she isn't very nasty, I'd hate to see really nasty... That's the best version of Hansel and Gretel I've heard in a long time.  And if anyone out there ever gets a good pic of Daria with the flames reflecting in her glasses, PLEASE MAIL IT TO ME!  Please?  I have got to have that as wallpaper on my desktop...
{I've got a copy of it now, no need to send it in - Wraith}

The Lanes have a family reunion.  Is it synchronicity or coincidence that my family reunion was last weekend?  We had ours here, however, but we do live in a split-level of sorts (a tri-level).  I sympathize with Trent and Jane.  I occupied pretty much the same position they did, I was just able to escape my relatives a bit more often.

As always, I should have quotes and conversations up tomorrow, along with more notables and perhaps some loose threads.


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