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I'm leaving the old rambling on this page because this rambling is more about the site update than the show.  Now that Daria is going to keep going past 13 episodes, I decided it was time for some parts of my site to get updated to handle a larger amount of information.  I know many people out there hate frames, but they're often the best way to handle a large amount of information.  Like anything else, it isn't inherently evil, it's what you do with it (well, okay, blink is an exception...).  So, since this is my site, I'm using frames.  I use frames only in the areas were I think it will help, however, so many sections of my site will remain non-frames.  Also, if anyone out there is having trouble with the frames, mail me and I'll put up a non-frames version asap. Otherwise, I'll finish the other site changes I have planned and then set up non-frames versions.

So far I have the Episode Summaries pages updated, and (in case you didn't notice) the Wraith's Ramblings pages updated.  Expect more sometime soon (hopefully).  Anyone with a link to a specific portion of this site, be aware that the url may change.  I'll e-mail anyone in the web-ring if I find a link that will need changing.




Daria most definitely has something for Trent, no one can doubt that now.  However, it remains to be seen how interested Trent is in Daria.  He likes her, but how much?  The whole episode is packed with things between them (well, both of them are in the whole episode), so it'll take me a while to get them all on the Daria and Trent page.  Now that Trent has a newfound respect for Daria, if he finds out she's a writer, will he ask her to write songs for his band?  It'd certainly give them a style all their own...
I wonder why their drummer didn't come along with them?  If they keep up with Trent, they'll have to show him (the drummer) sooner or later, so why not now?  It was his van after all.

I saw a pic of Daria on the cover of TV Guide, so I just had to find out what it said about the show.  Disappointingly, it was a brief blurb, and nothing else.

"Daria (MTV, Mondays, 10:30 P.M./ET)
Originally a minor character on Beavis and Butthead, tragically hip high-schooler Daria moved to her own series, rendered in a different style from B&B.  She has attracted a following with her cynical, deadpan approach to life's absurdities and outrages, particularly her clueless parents and vain kid sister.  Is Daria a feminist icon for the new millennium?  That would be talking it too far. She's more a hero for the alienated teen in us all."

Next week, Daria goes camping.  This is interesting, considering her brief exposure to the wilderness in "Road Worrier"  (Daria:  Stop staring at me, you squirrel pervert!).  A how-not-to-camp episode, perhaps?


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