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"Well," you say, "What's this?". Katherine has her Commentary Page, and Enoch has his Ramblings, so why can't Wraith? Well, here it is, the first entry in my periodic commentary upon all things Daria, and most likely many things not. This page came about because I simply have too many things that don't fit anywhere else on my page, and yet don't warrant their own section. It will contain my possibly polemic pontifications and prognostications. And, of course, this first one will probably be fairly long.

Where shall I begin? (I guess whichever of the topics I had considered today first comes to mind gets to be first...)

First, then, shall be the news that Daria is not on next week. This is according to TV Guide, which also claims it will be back a week later. Daria is apparently being pre-empted for some MTV health show (yah, like anyone watches MTV for news from the medical frontiers...) that has been getting horrible ratings in it's normal time-slot. All I can say is, I hope it fails utterly in Daria's time slot. However, I expect the ratings to be bolstered by those tuning in to catch Daria's latest escapades without checking the TV schedules, and those who routinely tape the show (ie. me).

I don't know about the rest of you, but Daria is the only TV show I make a point of watching. There are others I will watch, if I get really bored, and many that are adequate background noise, but none that deserve watching. Of course, it may be worth noting here that my previous favorite cartoons were The Tick and The Critic...

Today, I heard one of the songs that has been used in Daria ("All mixed up") and thought "Gee, where have I heard this music before? Wait, I know... the scene in "The Invitation" where Daria and Jane get hit on!" Now, when you start recognizing music not by title or artist, but by Daria scene, you must be a certifiable Dariaholic.

"Too Cute" showed two trends, one good, one bad. The bad first: Why did they put in the Beavis and Butthead clones? Does this show really need them? NO! Would this show appeal to a wide cross-over audience? "She said 'boob', huh-hu, huh-hu". The good: Social satire, and the writers are willing to poke fun at themselves (the lovely scenes in "Too Cute" where Sandy insults "That thing" Quinn always wears). If the writers are willing to write an episode like this, we're in very good shape. This show will be sticking around for a long time. With more and more Daria pages going up (expect at least 3 more sometime fairly soon), I think MTV will have a hard time cancelling this show.

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