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Got questions? Send them in.

Q: What is this site all about?
A: This is a Daria fan-site, dedicated to the show (but in no way affiliated with MTV).

Q: Where'd you get the name?
A: You don't watch the show, do you?

Q: Is there some neat font you're using on this page?
A: Yes. Since the Sick, Sad World font is an in-house thing, I'm using a font called Excaliber Logotype. If the link isn't in another font than this text, you don't have it.

Q: Who are you?
A: You can call me Wraith. For all you know I could be a brain in a jar or a butterfly dreaming it's a whelk or something.
This is why it's important to make philosophers get real jobs.

Q: Why is there such a large time between your Ramblings from 1998 to 2000?
A: I started to get disgusted with the show during second season (read those Ramblings yet?). Combined with a lack of time, money, and cable, I stopped updating the site until I saw the end of fourth season.

Q: Do you know where I can buy        ?
A: If it's not on the merchandise page, check E-Bay. Otherwise, I can't help you.

Q: This page or something you said seems familiar.
A: This page is based on the format for L-Space Web. And I make many references to things in my writings here, so you probably do recognize something.

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"a great Daria website that you must visit NOW!!!!"

Fan Mail:

Greetings from Daria land. I've been meaning to write you for a while to let you know that we check out your page all the time, but hell is paved... I get a big kick out of reading your Ramblings... Anyway, keep up the good work or whatever. Later...
--Glenn Eichler

My applause for your 8/20 "Rambling" on intelligence in America. Speaking as one who has been cursed with the label "gifted" (isn't it a shame that it should be a curse?), I highly empathize with your statements. Having just watched "Esteemsters" last night (had seen the last 10 minutes or so before, but not the start), Daria's announcement that Quinn is her sister brought the comments "That brain is your sister?! Are you a brain too?!?!"
So again my applause and empathy for your observations on how little American society values intelligence. Please keep up the good work.
--Laura Lee

Dear Wraith,
Love the fact that you post regular updates on the sites as well as speculation pieces (and I thought I was the only person who noticed that Kevin and Brittany really don't like each other). Personally I would like to see Jane up with someone and have Daria deal with it, but as for a Daria/Trent romance, that's gonna be a long ways off, if ever. Daria is so much more interesting solo. And give something for Mack to do, ok? The guy has a sarchastic streak like Daria, he's not getting enough to say.
Anyways thanks for the site. I'm glad we Daria fans have our places.
--Jeffrey Morris

Your Daria website is great... Your future episode ideas are excellent. I serious think you should suggest them to the people at MTV if you haven't already.
Your "Ramblings" column says it all - Daria is the only show on television I'll bother to watch, the rest are background noise. This week will be a long one without an episode on at all. I guess it's the TV god's way of saying "write it yourself!"
Keep up the great site - I'll check it out again soon!
--M. Mcgee

Sick, Sad World (the site) was created by Wraith