Neon Night
9/01 One night at Tom's, Daria ends up doing something she never has before. Not necessarily what it sounds like.
Special Delivery
9/01 Set when Daria was a very young child. Two characters meet for the first time. Impressions are formed.
I like to read
9/01 Another Very Young Daria ficlet. Two older relatives learn something about OH they find surprising.
12/01 Over the summer after senior year, Daria finds herself having to bid farewell to two dear old friends, and wondering how she's going to do without them.
Of Lifestyle Choices and Definitions of Success
2/02 In the future, some issues Daria and Helen have over the course Daria's life has taken come to something of a head.
4/02 Set when Daria was a very young child. On observing certain aspects of Daria's behavior, Helen begins to suspect that there might be something...*wrong*...with her elder daughter.
And By A Sleep To Say We End
12/02 A troubled, misunderstood teenage girl decides to take drastic measures regarding a life she's come to find unbearable.
Soup's On!
12/02 Jake tries yet another of his experiments in cooking, with unexpected results.
The Chosen One
12/02 There have been Daria/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossovers before, but in the author's humble opinion one rather obvious candidate for the Slayer has been overlooked -- *until now*...
12/02 While getting her daughter ready to go outside to play, a woman ponders where her life went wrong, and why.
Meanwhile In...
12/02 Snapshots of the wandering Lanes, one day in late November.
12/02 There's someplace Daria needs to be, and she's not sure how she's going to get there.
His Latest
2/03 The Morgendorffers have some dinner guests.
Academic Imprisonment
10/03 Trying to sort herself out in a strange new town, Daria turns to her favorite fictional creation for inspiration. But Melody Powers seems to be having a few troubles of her own...

A wyvern is a mythical beast resembling a smallish bipedal dragon with a long, whiplike barbed or stinger-bearing tail, silly.

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