Daria's New Necklace

A Daria/Berserk crossover short

"Can I go look for books now?"

A young brunette girl in glasses, no more than 11 years old, looked up at her mother.

"Yes, go ahead. Just meet back here in an hour."

"Mu-om, why does Daria get to go off by herself?" This was spoken by the redhead girl holding on to her mother's hand. She was slightly younger than the brunette, and much more fashionably dressed. A close observer would notice that it was actually the mother who had the grip, and the younger girl was trying to escape it.

"Because, unlike some people, the last time she went off on her own at the flea market she didn't come back with a hooker outfit." The girl was not at all phased by the glare that went with this comment.

Daria paid little attention to their bickering, quickly moving off through the crowd until she could no longer hear the shrill whining. Sighing, she spoke to herself, "If I had to say something positive about Quinn, it'd be that she certainly does have an impressively piercing whine."

Daria glanced at her watch. It was almost time to meet back with her family, and the trip had been a total bust. She hadn't been able to find many books at all, just some used college textbooks and an incomplete set of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".

Then she stopped suddenly, nearly getting run over by a middle-aged man. Ignoring his admonition, she stepped over to the booth that had caught her eye.

Behind the table was an old woman. In Daria's opinion, she was trying too hard on the whole fortune-telling gypsy look, but that wasn't what had her attention. She picked up a necklace that was almost hidden behind a jumble of things she didn't recognize.

The old woman laughed. "I knew you'd like that one."

Daria ignored her, looking at the necklace closely. Hanging from a simple chain was a strange red stone. Slightly larger than a robin's egg, it was covered with facial features, apparently scattered at random across the surface. She checked carefully, and there were the correct number for a single head; two eyes, one nose, and a mouth.

The old woman spoke as Daria examined it. "It's called a behelit. Also known as the Egg of the King. Whoever posses it is destined to obtain the world in exchange for their own flesh and blood."

Daria looked at the woman with a frown. The sales pitch was rather over done, if unique. Then a movement caught her eye, and she nearly dropped the necklace. She couldn't be sure, but she thought one of the eyes on the pendant had opened briefly, and looked at her.

Daria smiled slightly. Despite the over the top sales pitch, she had to have this. It was just too perfectly creepy. She just knew Quinn was going to faint when she saw it.

And, somehow... it felt like it had always been hers.