The Unseen Phenomena Series
A New Experience
4/01 Daria goes through her own near death experience.
All Good Things
4/01 When Quinn dies, all must deal with the aftermath. Including Quinn.
4/01 Jane leaves on a trip with Mystik spiral, and Daria commits bambicide.
Shadowed Wings
4/01 Have you ever had that dream where you left the house a little less than dressed?
Burnt Out
4/01 Stuck in a truck while someone's home burns.
By The Twilight
4/01 Fourth of July fireworks lead to an interesting turn in Daria's life.
Strange Bonds
4/01 Duncan's in the hospital, what else can happen?
If I Could Tell You
4/01 It's time for the holidays and everyone has a secret to tell.
A Mere Formality
4/01 Jodie's getting married and Daria and Jane are invited.
Fate's Twisted Sense of Humor
4/01 Exactly what the title says.
Morality Check
4/01 Helen's got a problem with her personal life.
Season's End
4/01 The end of an Era
The Submariner Series
Last Journey Home
4/01 Daria must Journey from halfway around the world when she learns of a family tragedy.
Into the Depths We Go Again
4/01 It's back to the job for Daria and Jane.
A Walk in the Park
4/01 Daria and Jane reflect on the past with Daria's two daughters
Yet Another Season
4/01 It's Christmas time and everyone is trying to prepare
Other Miscellaneous Fics
Are You Cheating
4/01 Jake suspects Helen of cheating on him.
Apache Summer
A Very Weird Midsummer Nights Dream
4/01 After Eating just a LITTLE to much Chinese, Daria experiences some rather unique dreams that night.
4/01 After suffering a head injury, Trent must deal with the consequences of temporary blindness
4/01 Daria experiences complications during her first pregnancy.
The Cynic
4/01 A Daria outtake on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
Lawndale Deathmatch
4/01 Celebrity Deathmatch comes to Lawndale, "Let's get it on"!
A Fourth of a Fair
4/01 A joint Fan fiction between Naomi and Wildgoose
The Hunt for Daria Morgendorffer
Together in Winter
4/01 While home from her first semester at college Daria is stranded at Jane's during a nasty winter storm.
Windy Travels
4/01 It's a road trip to a concert all over again only the weather isn't so cooperative this time around
4/01 Let's just say it's been a hot sweaty day for Daria.
4/01 A fic that spans two realities.

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