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They Came from Planet Xulfanex... (off site link)
5/04 Quinn learns that her math teacher, Mr. Phelps, is an alien... and from there things only get crazier, as she and Daria discover the truth about their family origins. A "B-movie" fanfic set in the Driven Wild Universe (a few weeks after "Memory Road"), but not part of the Driven Wild Universe continuum.
Driven Wild Universe Primer (off site link)
8/05 A list of Driven Wild Universe facts, characters, and fanfic summaries for newbies and those who want to get reaquainted with the series. Newbies beware: The fanfic summaries contain spoilers.
Into the Fire
3/06As she and Quinn adjust to the painful realities of their parents'
separation,Daria grows to suspect that Quinn's math teacher, Mr. Phelps, has malevolent plans for her sister.
Tommorow Never Knows
3/06In the final episode of the series, Daria's suspicions of Phelps threaten to derail her future and shatter her relationship with Quinn.
I Don't (the Aftermath)
3/06Amy recalls what happened after she and Daria left the Wedding from Hell for cheese fries.  A scene originally cut from "All But Forgotten."

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