E. A. Smith

Seven Days
2/05 Jane finds a mysterious videotape. A Daria/The Ring crossover.
Nowhere Man
3/05 Driving home from a gig, Trent faces his future.
The Love's Labours Trilogy
Love's Labours Lost?
2/05 On the possible eve of a new relationship, Daria reflects upon her old ones.
Love's Labours in Ruins
2/05 Daria takes her chance with James.
Love's Labours Renewed
2/05 Daria must deal with the aftermath of her date with James.
The Tempest
4/05 At home for Christmas break, Daria must deal with her family's trials, both old and new. The sequel to the Love's Labours trilogy.
So Long As Men Can Breathe
10/05 Two years after "The Tempest", an art exhibit for Jane sends shockwaves through the lives of Daria, Jane, and James.
Good Intentions
Daria finds more than she bargained for when she attends a writer's workshop with Mr. O'Neill, with a member of the Fashion Club getting caught in the middle.

E. A. Smith is a graduate student at Vanderbilt University working on a Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy. He's been a Daria fan since the second season.
He can be e-mailed at

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