Thomas Mikkelsen

Its a Wonderful Life, Not
4/01 Daria is visited by her guardian angel, who unfortunately is a complete jerk. Soon Daria's life is in danger.
Brain Games
4/01 When Jane thinks she might be pregnant, it blows up in Quinn's face.
A Stacy Orange
4/01 While Lawndale is down with the flu. Daria and Jodie are inspired by the novel 1984.
Past and Future Daria
4/01 The students of Lawndale imagines life in the past. With one exception.
Hells Angels?
4/01 The Fashion Club experience eating disorders.
Sibling Rivalry
4/01 The title says it all.
Family Ties
4/01 A day in the life of Daria. No gerbils were hurt writing this story.
Sowing and Reaping
4/01 Its halloween. Quinn is volunteered to accompany the children. Luckily she has a sister who can take over her duties.
Week of Hell
4/01 Helen leaves Daria and Quinn alone with Jake. Unfortunately Jake has got it in his head to buy a gun.
Game Theory
4/01 A series of events leads Daria to ponder her attitude towards her life.
Self Less
4/01 Quinn must face the crisis of her life. She didn't get invited to a party.
Girl Uninterrupted
4/01 At Daria's 18 birthday a nasty family secret slips out. (With Medea42)
The Talented Miss Morgendorffer
4/01 Quinn's plan to get less homework backfires.
Parental Injustice
4/01 Fun in family court.
4/01 Jake thinks Daria and Quinn are after his life.
The Exercise Project
4/01 Helen decides that Daria and Quin need to get in shape.
Of Farce and Tragedy
3/01 Quinn looks for love. Daria tries to helps her. But Jake won't let them have his car.
Finding Morgendorffer
4/01 Who is the best author at Lawndale High. Daria or... Brittany.
Fixing Dad
5/01 Jake is feeling depressed. Can Daria cheer him up before Quinn does
Three Contemplations and a Funeral
5/01 The Morgendorffer's evaluate their lives while babysitting the Gupty's.
Lawndale Living Conditions
5/01 A collection of short stories.
What If
6/01 Daria, Jane and Quinn ponders what might have been.
Lawndale Beauty
8/01 Quinn fights Jane over Jake
The Fascist Club
8/03 Daria does Jodie a favor

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