Sarah Lane

Combat Girl
1/11 Jane ropes Daria into helping make a music video for Mystik Spiral.
Life as we view it
2/11 Jane coerces Daria into coming home for the summer. Daria learns that sometimes a second look at someone you thought you knew can provide a whole new view.
Second Glance
2/11 A sequel to "Life as We View It" Later in the day, Daria wonders if she's made the right decision.
Summer Fling
4/11 Jesse and Daria get together for the summer... sort of.
Whatever It Is
4/11 Part 3 in the "Life As We View It" series. Fall is approaching quickly and with it some decisions.


Sarah lives in the cornfields of Illinois with her fiance, who just happens to be a narcoleptic guitar player. And no, Lane isn't her real last name, but the real thing makes Morgendorffer look like a preschool word.

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