Sadie Knight

Wake-Up Call
4/03 Hilariousness ensues in a story where not everything is as it seems, as our heroine Daria discovers when she recieves a late night phone call from none other then Jane. Mild sexual content, but not enough to blind anyone. (I hope. **crosses fingers**) D/T, Q/Tom/?!!

Sadie Knight is the pen-name for Samantha Dennett, age 21. She is half-Taiwanese and half-British. Raised within a heavily asian household, she was exposed to Japanese Animation at an early age, and is still obsessed over it. She boasts of having hundreds of movies and series. Don't believe me? Go to and hit the "my anime" link. This obsession led to an interest in fanfiction and fanart and of course "what if" scenarios....

Samantha is an aspiring artist and spent most of her pre-college years thinking she would go to art school. Of course, the space-cadet that she is, she spurned a chance to go to the Rhode Island School of Design (which by the way, her mother is STILL tearing her up about) to go to Penn State. She barely made it through that year, because she couldn't stand where she was and felt isolated from basically...everything. When a drive home takes upto six hours not counting snow storms, you can kind of see why. One time, during a big storm, it took her 12 hours to get home. Sheesh. She returned to CT, and never looked back. =)

Samantha currently is a 3rd year at the University of Connecticut where she shares an apartment with her best friend. She still aspires to be an artist but has now added writing to her goals. She is majoring in both English and the Fine Arts, with concentrations in Writing and Illustration.

Samantha can be described as a fairly short (5'3) normal girl with brown hair and eyes who appears in all cases as the "girl next door." Until you get to know her. As an obsessed anime fan and fan of anything role-playing, she can be pretty crazy. She loves hitting conventions and fairs where she can wear her home made renditions of her favorite characters getups. Being that she is a fairly bad sewer, let's just say it can be scary! She loves travelling, swimming like a fish across the kitchen floor (don't ask, really don't ask), singing, writing, drawing, and obsessing over works she will never ever finish. She probably has about 50 fanfics started, which are "on the backburners." A notorious procrastinator, its not surprising that has never got past the opening page. Hopefully, one day it will.

Samantha enters the Daria fanfiction world with Wake-Up Call, a fairly humorous fic which she swore she would finish and somehow.....did. Well, thank god for miracles. Look for her other works from poetry to fanfiction to a few twisted stories at and . Just look for Sadie Knight.

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