The Lawndalenationale (off site link)
5/03 No Description Yet
Durango (off site link)
5/03 No Description Yet
REALLY Guilty Pleasures (off site link)
6/03 A familiar figure indulges in a favorite pastime. Much to the dismay of State and Federal law enforcement officials.
WARNING: Contains content that some readers might consider "disturbing." Especially if you're trying to eat. An "Iron Chef" entry.
In Darndest Night... (off site link)
6/03 An unsuspecting (and probably undeserving) Lawndaleite becomes the new guardian of Earth, and sector 2814. Personally, I wouldn't want to be around to see what happened after that. An "Iron Chef" entry.
The Diogenes Group (off site link)
6/03 In the halcyon days of the Cold War, a plucky group of grade-schoolers found an organization dedicated to adventure and solving mysteries. Well, actually more like "revenge for hire" and "orchestrating elaborate hoaxes on unsuspecting townsfolk.
Panzerfibbed (off site link)
9/03 Mystik Spiral's desperate journey to a music festival in Reno becomes a test of nerves, steel, and a dilapidated box-van. Possibly the most evil "songfic" ever written, for reasons that become all too clear.
Crisis in Infinite Lawndales (off site link)
9/03 In the "prologue" to the epic supermegafanficcrossover which will never be written, a fight with Helen inadvertently reveals to Daria that "something is rotten" in the Omniverse. An "Iron Chef" entry, if only just.
A Devil Named 'Fred' (off site link)
10/03 A "philosophical parody" of Angelinhel's "An Angel Named Mary Sue." In this version, Daria receives a supernatural visitor who helps her understand the harsh and nihilistic nature of reality, and then he gets in a knife fight with a ghost. And then things REALLY get disturbing. WARNING: Contains some language and content that some readers might consider "disturbing."
It's a Living (off site link)
2/06 Daria explores her options in a limited job market.
Janissaries (off site link)
2/06 A sequel to 'It's a Living.' It's Who was it who said, 'Blessed is the man who has found his work'?
In the not distant future, the new American President finds herself reminded that 'the price of power is...knowing that it's your decision.'

In addition to writing Daria fanfic, Nick Gaston also enjoys Existential Anguish, Political Centrism, and building scary looking WWII-era Luftwaffe prototypes on flight simulators.
Nick Gaston can be reached at

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