10/01 The things it drives us to...
I'm Going To Jane's
10/01 Set around The Misery Chick. Daria goes over to Jane's. Of course there's more to it than that...
Safest Emergency
10/01 Lawndale is under threat... and it's not just the rats in the lunchmeat this time. Brittany's on fire, Kevin's *never* gonna call Mack the wrong thing again, and DeMartino's eye isn't bulging. Obviously, something must be done... and of course Ms Li screws it up. If there's anything left of Lawndale High afterwards, she might just figure that out. (X-Men x Daria)
10/01 One of the world's few intelligent vampires finally gets a clue and a hitman, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is dead. And there was much rejoicing. Of course, someone has to replace her, one girl in all the world at any time and all that, and with the way Daria's luck's been running lately... (Buffy x Daria)
Fade Out
1/03 "I was feeling pretty good this morning. I should have known it couldn't last..."

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