Depth takes a Holiday - 2
6/03 Weirdness in Lawndale continues (set after the Daria episode “Depth takes a holiday”)
Depth takes a Holiday - 3
6/03 Weirdness in Lawndale continues (set after the Daria episode “Depth takes a holiday” and my previous story “Depth takes a Holiday – 2”)
Freaky Tales from Fashion Club
6/03 A small set of “Freaky tales” that happen in Lawndale.
One Night in Lawndale
6/03 Just a night in Lawndale, and some people aren’t asleep yet…
Behind the Set
7/03 A “Behind-the-set-humour” type of story.
Man versus Machine
7/03 Jake Morgendorffer takes on a cuckoo clock that he had bought on a garage sale… It’s a winner-take-all, there-can-be-only-one type of battle! Don't miss it!
Changes at a full moon
7/03 There’s a full moon over Lawndale tonight, and the seeds of change are sown (and it’s not only about werewolves either)… In this story, Daria learns to bite, Quinn to suck and swallow, and Mack’s family system is uncovered.
Once Upon a Saturday
7/03 Just one Saturday in the lives of Daria, Quinn, and Jane.
A Chain Reaction Begins
8/03 This is a continuation of my previous fic, “Families”. In it, we see the effects of that fic on the next day in Lawndale. Also, Amy Barksdale comes to Lawndale to visit “her favourite niece” and Daria’s family.
8/03 Penny Lane returns home, starting a chain reaction that changes the lives of both Lanes and Morgendorffers.
Repairs – a mighty complicated thing.
8/03 Ms. Li got LH staff to fix her newest acquisition – wooden camp buildings. Set before “IIFY?” movie.

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