Kevin Albert

Main Event
4/04 Daria thought her life with Quinn at home was bad enough, but when these two sisters win a raffle contest to go to New York City to watch the wresting icon Hulk Hogan in action. Daria ends up an head lock with Quinn.

My name is Kevin. I first started out learning how to draw as a kid. Know Iíve learn to do many cartoon voices. My friends and co-workers call me Scooby because I can do the Scooby Doo voice. I went from drawing onto cookies as a job to setting up audio video equipment for this outside AV company. I went to many hotels and businesses. I did that for a year than I change jobs. I still do the same work, but I get paid more, and I stay in one hotel. I do like to watch Daria on The N at nights. I remembered when it use to be on MTV. I thought it would be fun to write a fan story about Daria. I am open to any kind of feedback. I did had a lot of fun writing it. In the near future I hope to work on adult cartoon shows. Ether coming up with the characters or doing their voices or both. I just hope to make it someday in the cartoon business. Also look out for some more Daria fan stories. Thank you and enjoy reading my Daria stories.

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