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Note: This doesn't include anything from her pen-pal letters, since they're included in full on her character page.

"Boy, bring one measly sword and shield to class and people think you're hostile." -- Daria (The Daria Database)

"The members of your immediate family are represented by the swords piercing your brains." -- Jane (The Daria Database)

"I wish people spoke in subtitles. Then I could just close my eyes." -- Daria (The Daria Database)

"It is a relief that Kevin and his faimly have decided not to pursue the matter any further, though, between us, I doubt whether their lawsuit alleging "psychological trauma" would have progressed very far, dependent as it was upon the boy demonstrating any PSYCHOLOGY at all." -- Mr. DeMartino (The Daria Database)

"I tried to get Quinn to play 'Shallow Grave,' but she was afraid the dirt would mess up her hair." -- Daria (The Daria Database)

"One of the more uplifting art movements, cubism points out the lighter side of dislocation and dismemberment." -- Jane (The Daria Database)

"Socially concerned high school students debate the issues that will determine their futures. Today's topics: scrunchy colors and how to make butter stick to ceilings." -- Daria (The Daria Database)

"Next time Kevin wants to demonstrate how to stop a brick with his head, I'll let him" -- Mack's New Year's Resolution (The Daria Database)

"I will expand my vocabulary by learning a new word every month." -- Brittany's New Year's Resolution (The Daria Database)

"I will learn Sanskrit." -- Jodie's New Year's Resolution (The Daria Database)

"Master level 20 of CyberKron." -- Daria's New Year's Resolution

"And Kevin, I want you to... if you could just remember which scene you're in, Kevin, that would be great." -- Mr. O'Neill (The Daria Database)

"I currently spend 80 percent of my school operating budget on surveillance cameras, Dobermans, spot locker checks and occasional strip searches just to ensure every child his or her constitutional right to a safe and free education." -- Ms. Li (The Daria Database)

"Quinn -- Tiffany called - couldn't understand but had something to do with Sandi." -- Note on Fridge (The Daria Database)

"Fencing Club Okay. But that wimpy protector tip comes off my foil before duelling." -- Daria, responding to Helen (The Daria Database)

"Young Optimists Mom, did you let your prescription lapse again?" -- Daria, responding to Helen (The Daria Database)

"There may be some food left in the refrigerator, or check the freezer. FYI: Dad tried to thaw out his sneakers last night and found out the oven isn't working." -- Lane family note (The Daria Database)

"Mr. D assures the class that "there are no stupid questions. Just stupid people." -- Yearbook (The Daria Database)

"I love learning. I just wish school weren't always in the way." -- Daria (The Daria Database)

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