The Daria Episode Guide:
A Look Back in Annoyance

This is, as Daria puts it, "a cheap ass clip show". As such, I'm really only going to be listing the various themes of the clip segments, since there's no actual substance to be noted.
Daria and Jane introduced the show, gave some premier info, and show clips from "Esteemsters". This was followed by character introductions from "Esteemsters" and "The Invitation".
This was followed by clips highlighting the relationship between Daria and Quinn.
Next were clips covering Jake and Helen's relationship.
This was followed by clips from various songs (as sung by characters) from the show as a lead-in to the commercial break.
Daria and Jane did a brief welcome-back before introducing clips covering Lawndale High's population.
Then they moved on to clips covering, as Daria put it, "the soap opera crap"; Daria's crush on Trent, and the Daria, Jane, Tom triangle.
They moved on to clips of various other couples on the show, followed by catch-phrases and a short set of clips on snacks that introduced the commercial break.
When the show resumed, they showed some Fashion Club clips, followed by fantasy episode clips.
Then they showed some vintage Daria wisecracks before showing some brief (and scriptless) clips from "Is It College Yet?" before a short ending conversation between Daria and Jane.

Quotes coming eventually.

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