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Life in the Past Lane

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Daria, Tom and Jane are in a hurry to get to the post office before it closes when Jane spots a cute guy going into a store. Jane heads into the store, while Daria and Tom continue on.
Meanwhile, Charles is outside the mall demonstrating his magic skills. He does a card trick with Kevin and Brittany's help, but Kevin almost messes up the trick by forgetting which card he had picked.
Jane strikes up a conversation with the guy, Nathan, and quickly ends up giving him her phone number. She later tells Daria and Tom about him over pizza. They're less than encouraging and Jane gets upset and leaves.
Back to Charles, who's doing the ball and cups trick. Mr. DeMartino places a bet and eggs Mr. O'Neill into placing one as well, but they both lose. The crowd breaks up and Charles pays off Mr. DeMartino, who was working as a plant. He then does a trick for the Fashion Club that catches Stacy's curiosity.
Jane starts showing up at school in retro outfits. Daria and Jane have another fight after Jane tells Daria about her last date and upcoming fox-trot lessons.
Daria and Tom have a night out at the movies where Daria worries, thanks to some earlier comments of Jane's. They try out a new restaurant, where Daria worries about Nathan being a jerk.
Jane and Nathan go out to a pseudo-speakeasy for a night of dancing. Nathan spends some time making nasty comments about the crowd, dismissing them as "post khaki's-ad". They start dancing and Nathan asks to kiss her, but has to run off when Jane messes up his hair during the kiss.
At school the next day, Stacy tries to get Charles to tell her how his magic trick worked, but he won't say.
Daria apologizes to Jane and ends up riding home with Jane and Nathan, who likes her look. Jane invites Daria and Tom to double-date on Friday, as she and Nathan are planning to go to an old theater outside of town.
During the ride to the drive-in the four talk. Daria's pretty snippy and Tom tries to moderate her behavior a bit. They arrive to find the drive-in totally deserted, which Daria thinks is kinda cool until she finds out other people are coming. They show up and start swing dancing, and Nathan takes Jane around to meet "the gang." Daria and Tom end up staying in the car and sleeping for several hours.
At school the next week, Charles is selling tickets to a magic show he's going to hold. Jane buys four tickets and sets up another double-date.
Nathan shows up to pick up Jane on the night of the show wearing a zoot suit. He meets Trent at the door, and they don't get along very well until they manage to confuse each other. Nathan wants to take Jane straight to the Tiki Tavern, but Jane insists on seeing the magic show first. Then Nathan starts complaining about Jane mixing '40's and '50's fashion.
The Fashion Club goes to see the show, too, but Stacy is missing. When the show starts Stacy is on-stage, assisting Charles. Sandi immediately calls for an emergency meeting of the Fashion Club. Stacy chains up Charles and locks him in the trunk, then starts getting worried because she forgot what to do next. Ms. Li comes out to complain about the act taking too much time, and Stacy starts crying. Mr. DeMartino comes out with a crowbar to pry the trunk open, and Ms. Barch comes out just to yell at and kick the trunk.
Jane and Nathan, still in her house, have a big fight over his retro obsession and break up.
The Fashion Club is (sort of) commiserating with Stacy when she suddenly stops crying. Mr. DeMartino gets the trunk open to find it empty. Charles is standing in the back of the theater, and compliments Stacy on her acting.
Daria and Tom are on the way out when they run into Jane and find out she broke up with Nathan. Jane ends up selling off her retro outfits, which she pulled from the attic, making a nice profit.

Kevin: That was awesome!
Charles: We're not done.
Kevin: It was still cool.

"I don't know. I hate the present too, but not enough to wear a zoot suit." -- Tom ("Life in the Past Lane")

Jane: He's a snappy dresser in the classical, elegant sense. Plus he has impeccable manners and a biting wit.
Daria: Ah. So he's...
Jane: And he loves girls!

"It's true. If I really cared I'd dress like a dead man too." -- Tom ("Life in the Past Lane")

Jane: Maybe sometime you two can teach me how to pass judgment on someone I've never met.
Daria: She's going to be disappointed.
Tom: Yeah. That's not really the kind of thing you can teach.

Mr. O'Neill: In loss there's wisdom.
Mr. DeMartino: Go away!
Mr. O'Neill: Um... yes.

"I quite enjoy helping the credulous hordes learn a valuable lesson about gullibility and trust. Gimme my cut!" -- Mr. DeMartino ("Life in the Past Lane")

"They're so post-khaki's-ad." -- Nathan ("Life in the Past Lane")

Jane: Why do you always have to write people off before you even know them?
Daria: I thought that's what you liked about me.

"Oh, god. It's the night of the vintage threads." -- Daria ("Life in the Past Lane")

Ms. Li: All proceeds...
Charles: Ahem...
Ms. Li: Most proceeds will go to the special expenditures fund.

Nathan: I mean, the sixties are over.
Trent: The forties were over first.

Quinn: She hardly didn't eat anything at lunch. Did that make sense?
Tiffany: I got it.

"Her outfit... it's so sparkly." -- Tiffany ("Life in the Past Lane")

"Oh, Sandi, you are so naive." -- Stacy ("Life in the Past Lane")

"I didn't feel it was my place to state that incredibly obvious fact. I mean impose my subjective opinion." -- Daria ("Life in the Past Lane")

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