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My Night at Daria's

Can anger management training really help gorillas avoid extinction? Maybe, but it's not doing much for the psychiatrists! The Apes of Wrath, today on Sick, Sad World.

Tom is over at Daria's as they study. Quinn barges in on them to complain about her date. Tom and Daria escape by hiding out in Daria's room. Meanwhile, Helen and Jake are out at a sushi bar. Jake's trying to land a new client, the bar's owner.
Tom and Daria fall asleep while studying and wake up around four AM. Tom tries to sneak out, but runs into Jake, who's still drunk from sake and is downstairs looking for a late-night snack. Jake helps Tom out, but then mentions him to Helen, who goes ballistic and lectures Daria all night.
Daria finally manages to convince Helen that nothing happened, but while she's doing that Quinn overhears part of their conversation and heads off to phone Stacy. Helen makes Daria promise to talk to her before she does "you know". Their talk is interrupted by Jake, who thinks he got a parasite from the sushi, but he runs off after he notices Daria.
Daria and Tom are at the pizza place when they're approached by Charles. After he makes some pointed comments and leaves, Kevin and Brittany come up and do the same. Daria and Tom quickly leave.
Jake's still worried about the parasite and almost complains to the sushi bar's owner. Before he can he's offered the job, at which point he refuses to believe that there was anything wrong with the sushi.
Daria calls Jane, who also thinks Daria and Tom had sex. Jane tells Daria there's a rumor going around school about Daria and Tom. Daria goes to confront Quinn about the rumor, but Quinn refuses to listen to her at all.
Back at school Daria tries to talk to Jodie about the rumor. Daria tries to deny it, but Jodie doesn't believe her and tells her it's nothing to be ashamed of while refusing to comment on her own sex life with Mack.
Daria talks to Jane after school and they try to figure out what to do about the rumor. They end up starting a new rumor about Quinn getting a nasty foot fungus.
Jake goes to the doctor and gets the parasite removed, finding out at the same time that the sushi place is known for its bad food.
Tom and Daria are watching Sick, Sad World and Tom asks Daria what's wrong. She tells him about the rumor, which leads into a talk about sex, sort of, and Daria saying she's finally ready. Then she backs off and they argue a bit, then she decides again that she is ready.
Daria and Tom set a time and place. At school Jane tells Daria that the fungus rumor has wiped out the one about her and Tom. Daria tells Jane that the rumor is about to be correct. They talk a bit and Jane finds out Daria's very nervous.
Helen tries to give Daria "the talk" but Daria doesn't listen, taking advantage of an interruption by Jake to escape. Tom tries to get a nice atmosphere going for their big night, setting out candles and buying flowers. However, Daria never shows. Tom tries calling, but Daria won't talk to him.
The next morning Tom finds a note from Daria on his doorstep. She offers to break up. He goes over to her house and they go for a walk in the park to talk. Tom is angry at Daria for trying to break up without even talking to him. Daria admits she's scared of that much intimacy, and afraid he might not like it. They end up staying a couple, but delaying their first time.
Jake tells the sushi guy about the parasite and ends up getting in a yelling match with him over the phone. After being hung up on, he complains to Daria. Helen tries to talk to Daria about sex again, but she cuts Helen off by saying she isn't going to.

"Either a band of eunuchs or Quinn's figured out how to turn on the radio." -- Daria ("My Night at Daria's")

Jake: Hey, you ever try any of that sake? It sucks! I mean, rocks!
Tom: Um, no. You know. The age thing.

"My hormones don't rage. Oh sure, they get mad sometimes, but then they just stop speaking to each other." -- Daria ("My Night at Daria's")

"And you've passed your admission test to Club de Amore, please check your inhibitions at the door. Rrrrr..." -- Charles ("My Night at Daria's")

Jake: Help me, Helen. Before the madness sets in.
Daria: Any further.

"And Daria... since when do you own a pair of black high-heels?" -- Jane ("My Night at Daria's")

"Stop! I don't want to hear any of the sordid details, I don't care what coupled people do!" -- Quinn ("My Night at Daria's")

Jodie: Sex is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you're responsible.
Daria: So then, you and Mack have... been responsible?
Jodie: I really don't want to discuss that right now.

"I knew I should have jumped Tom when I had the chance. Kidding! I told you, I'm waiting for college. 11 A.M. on move-in day." -- Jane ("My Night at Daria's")

Daria: I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but there's this rumor going around school that you and I slept together.
Tom: Really? Can we get that rumor started at my school?

"I backed off because I thought that's what you wanted, but I can be persuaded otherwise. See, all done." -- Tom ("My Night at Daria's")

"Yo, kinky shoe girl. Good news. The Malaysian fungus has your sister down to three toes, and one of them is dangling." -- Jane ("My Night at Daria's")

"You don't want to have sex because you're afraid it'll hurt our relationship and then you break up with me. Doctor, my head." -- Tom ("My Night at Daria's")

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Pretty decent treatment of the inevitable episode, but fairly predictable.
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