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Fat Like Me

Meet the psychic Nazi hunter who says the Fuhrer's been reincarnated... as a madcap leggy blond! There's something about Hitler, tonight on Sick, Sad World.

The Fashion Club is reviewing their entrance requirements, and Sandi decrees that the weight limit be reduced by three pounds. During the meeting, the girls are disturbed by Sandi's brothers, and when she goes to chase them off she ends up falling down the stairs and breaking her leg.
Daria and Jane, at this point, are engaged in a series of bets, with Daria coming out way ahead. At the dinner table, Quinn tries to tell everyone about Sandi, but no one pays attention so she storms off to her room.
Sandi is absent from school for several weeks, and runs the Fashion Club meetings over the speaker phone in Quinn's room. Stacy and Tiffany get used to having Quinn run things, as Sandi seems to get interrupted by calls from places like Cashman's often. Sandi finally comes back to school, but she's put on a (very) few pounds. After encountering the other Fashion Club members in the hallway, she makes a run for it on her crutches.
Later, Sandi calls Quinn and asks her to come over. When Quinn does, Sandi announces her resignation from the Fashion Club. During their talk, Sandi manages to get Quinn to promise to resign as well.
Quinn, angry over this, tries to talk to Daria and Jane. They don't care, but they do place a bet on whether or not the Fashion Club will survive.
Quinn tells Stacy and Tiffany about Sandi's resignation, and at first the two are pretty excited to have Quinn as their new President. Unfortunately, she has to announce her promise, leaving Tiffany as President of the Fashion Club.
Stacy and Tiffany run into problems with the meetings, as Tiffany can't seem to think long enough to bring up a topic. They try to beg Quinn to return, and she promises to think about it, but Jane -- who has forty bucks riding on the breakup -- overhears them. She loudly talks to a nearby Brittany about friendship and stabbing people in the back, which confuses Brittany into thinking Kevin's cheating on her at the same time it scares Quinn into not rejoining the Fashion Club.
Tired of Tiffany, Stacy tries to run the Fashion Club, and seeks advice from Quinn on who should be the new members. Unfortunately for them, they can't find any.
Daria, who has forty bucks riding on the Fashion Club staying together, gives Quinn this big long speech about what a great friend she was for risking her popularity like that, and how someone shallower would help Sandi lose weight so they could both go back. Quinn falls for it, and immediately goes to help Sandi lose weight.
Tiffany and Stacy, desperate for new members, try inviting Joey, Jeffy and Jamie, but it doesn't quite work out. Daria and Jane go doubles on their bet as the club drags on, and the two are present in the girl's bathroom when Stacy gets fed up with Tiffany and yells at her, and ends by quitting the Fashion Club.
Jane makes Daria pay up, but as they walk back out into the hall the see a crowd... the thin Sandi is back, and the Fashion Club survives.
The show ends with another Fashion Club meeting, where Sandi (slightly) relaxes the weight requirements, then gets outvoted by the other three on eyelash density standards.

Sandi: Obviously I'm the only one in this room concerned with the burgeoning obesity problem tearing apart the very fabric of our land.
Stacy: Not the fabric!

"Brittany, explain something. Do you perhaps harbor a powerful phobia that it might actually hurt to think?" -- Mr. DeMartino ("Fat Like Me")

Sandi: Gee, Tiffany, why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer.
Tiffany: But I don't have a camera.

Quinn: Sandi resigned from the Fashion Club because she's fat, and then I had to resign to show Sandi my support, although I didn't really mean to resign, and now I don't know what's going to happen because there's no way there could even be a Fashion Club without me and Sandi!
Daria: Um, Quinn. It's me. Daria.
Quinn: Ugh!

"Yeah, that's awful. Oh well." -- Tiffany ("Fat Like Me")

"Long live the Quinn. Hey..." -- Tiffany ("Fat Like Me")

"Brittany, let me ask a hypothet... make-believe question." -- Jane ("Fat Like Me")

Quinn: Stacy, I want to come back, but I just can't wear drawstring pants!
Tiffany: Brrr.
Stacy: What?

Stacy: Tiffany, that's a great idea!
Tiffany: What?
Stacy: About the boys.
Tiffany: Boys? Where?

Tiffany: You surprise them by looking really hot.
Joey: He's talking about war.
Tiffany: So am I.

"Do you think we should tell her it's easier to talk if you open your mouth?" -- Jane ("Fat Like Me")

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Best episode of this season so far.
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