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Camp Fear

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Quinn and Daria get invitations to a five year summer camp reunion. Quinn is excited about going, but Helen has to force Daria to go with the threat of making her help clean out the garage instead. Jake gets upset about that, because he had been planning to get away with Helen for the weekend, but unfortunately Helen has to work part of the weekend.
Jesse tries to introduce a sitar to Mystik Spiral, which prompts a big argument. Trent gets fed up with the group, and wanders off, finding Daria and Jane in Jane's room. Jane offers to have Trent drive them up to Daria's reunion in the Tank. Daria agrees, but tells them they're stuck taking Quinn as well.
At camp Quinn meets her old friends: Traci, Cindy, and Tatiania (a/k/a the Fashion Clones), which leads into a flashback of camp five years ago. Daria shows up with a book, and Quinn joining the three girls because one of them has a backpack like hers. Back in the present, Amelia shows up looking for Daria. Jane and Trent tease Daria about being secretly popular, but then Skip, the old big-man-at-camp, shows up passing out t-shirts and scares them off.
Meanwhile, Helen and Jake are cleaning out the garage, and running into all sorts of old planned-vacation junk. Jake starts getting really angry about Helen never being able to get away because of her work. Later on, Jake finds some lingerie, and Helen tells him it was for a Valentine's day getaway that didn't happen because Jake went to a dot com convention. They get angry at each other, then make up.
Trent and Jane stop at a small store and buy some snacks. Trent starts getting inspired by the guy running the store, and agrees to go taste-test his homemade potato chips.
The camp director gives a short speech and gets a hike started. Daria doesn't bother going, and Amelia hangs out around her. Amelia tries to reminisce, but Daria just has bad memories and gets irritated, including a flashback scene where she gets pulled into the lake and loses her glasses.
Quinn and the Clones hike for a bit, then stop to take a break. They get to talking and there's another flashback scene, this time with the four girls being brought a greased watermelon (which was the prize of a game).
Jane is less than impressed by the country folk, but Trent is sure they can help him figure out what's wrong with Spiral, and insists on staying. Finally, after experiencing the homemade flavorless chips, he realizes Jane's right.
It hits lunch time at camp, and Daria pisses off Skip by taking a burger without his permission. Amelia is kind of impressed, especially after Daria gives her a little speech about not following the crowd. Daria tries to read a book she brought along, but Amelia won't leave her alone. Daria tells Amelia that she doesn't want to follow or be followed, which ticks off Amelia.
Quinn talks with the Clones some more, and lets slip that she skipped a square dance with Alex Croger, who happened to be Traci's date for the dance. The other girls ditch her.
Skip makes a speech, during which Daria tries to make up with Amelia. Amelia ditches her and goes to steal the microphone from Skip. She tells him off and gives a speech about Daria ("you know, the weird kid"). Everyone throws their camp shirts at Skip and he gets upset.
Trent and Jane overhear some comments as they get back and tease Daria about being secretly popular some more. On the way back home Trent gets an inspiration for a song and Spiral is back in business. Quinn, not wanting to ride with them, catches a ride with Skip.

Jake: Hey, Daria. You've got small hands.
Daria: But my big brain tells me not to stick them into garbage disposals.

"Why would I want to return to a place where I was flatteringly referred to as the weird kid?" -- Daria ("Camp Fear")

"Dude, we're the Spiral! We're not Spear-Ritual, we're hard core!" -- Max ("Camp Fear")

"Ew! Look how dirty those sheep are. From now on I buy only imported sweaters." -- Quinn ("Camp Fear")

Jane: I don't remember you ever saying that.
Trent: Not in words. In my solos.

Helen: Daria, you're never going to make friends if you keep your nose buried in a book.
Daria: Let's hope.

Amelia: Daria! Is that you?
Daria: No. I'm a decoy to flush out assassins.

Jane: Daria having a secret fan club is pretty new.
Trent: Really.
Amelia: You have a fan club? Cool!

"This part of yourself... it wasn't one of those squishier organs, was it?" -- Jane ("Camp Fear")

Amelia: Remember the time you took off on your horse and left us all behind?
Daria: You mean the time the horse ran off with me on it, and tossed me in the river, and I had to have nine stitches?

"The combustible ketchup lawsuit. Thought we were gonna win that one, too." -- Helen ("Camp Fear")

Trent: These people know something, Janey. They're full of country wisdom.
Jane: They're full of undigested cellophane.

"You know. When you're forced to coexist with people you'd never seek out on your own. Camp. School. Life." -- Daria ("Camp Fear")

"So you're right. I don't want to be part of the crowd. And I don't want my own crowd either." -- Daria ("Camp Fear")

"Wow. Daria's secretly popular. That's going to take some getting used to." -- Trent ("Camp Fear")

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