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Boxing Daria

They gave her a good-bye party at 65... miles per second! Retirement by Rocket, next on Sick, Sad World.

The Morgendorffers have to get a new refrigerator when the old one breaks. At school that day Daria tells Jane that Tom is going to The Cove for a week and offers to spend more time with her. Mr. O'Neill later asks Daria to help out with the Freshman orientation tours, but Daria isn't interested.
Tom and Daria are at his place watching tv and Tom invites Daria to come out to the Cove with him. She doesn't want to go, but appreciates the offer.
Daria later discovers the refrigerator box lying in the back yard. Helen tells Daria and Quinn to drag it out to the curb for the garbage men to pick up. Helen also announces that Jake had to leave for a last minute conference, so he'll be out of town for a couple days. This triggers a memory for Daria about playing in a refrigerator box as a little kid, but Helen doesn't remember it. Quinn doesn't at first, either.
Daria later remembers overhearing her parents fighting about her, and goes out to fetch the box.
Helen notices the box back in the yard the next morning and sends Quinn to take it out to the curb. Daria wakes up as the garbage truck is coming down the street and manages to get outside and save the box before it gets taken away.
At school Kevin is conducting a Freshman tour. Mr. O'Neill asks Daria again, and Jane is all for it, since it'd get her out of class for a while.
That night Daria gets into a fight with Helen about telling the truth. She then calls Tom and manages to get into a fight with him on the same subject.
The next day Daria shows Jane the box. After Jane makes a joke Daria crawls into the box and has another flashback to Helen and Jake fighting, followed by Jake slamming the door on his way out. As Daria gets out of the box Quinn shows up saying she remembered about the fight. Daria gets back in the box and we see another flashback.
Young Daria is at a psychiatrist's, who tries to give Daria a Rorschach test. Daria is less than cooperative. The shrink then asks some questions and Daria tells her she doesn't like the other kids. Then she's in the car on the way home. Helen and Jake try to convince her to talk to the other kids. Daria isn't interested, but Quinn chimes in with a comment about how much she talks and how the other kids talk back.
That night in the flashback we see Daria in bed as Helen and Jake fight loudly about her. After Jake storms out Daria gets out of bed, grabs a book, and climbs into a refrigerator box that's sitting in her room.
Back to the present, and we see Jake getting home. He sees the box in the back yard and goes to check it out, finding Daria sitting inside.
Jake tells Helen about it. They ask Quinn why Daria's in the box, and Quinn tells them about the fight. Helen and Jake go ask Daria to come out so they can talk. She refuses until she gets them to promise to be totally honest.
Daria asks Helen and Jake about the fight. Helen admits to it and explains about the complaints from the school and Jake's horrible job at the time. Daria walks out and gets into Helen's SUV and drives off.
In the car Daria calls the Sloanes to see if she can take up Tom on his offer to have her visit. On the way she's involved in an accident and spins off the road. She takes refuge in a diner and calls Jane. When Jane shows up Daria gives her a great big hug.
Daria tells Jane all about the fight. Daria tells Jane what a pain she's been and cites several examples.
Daria finally goes home and talks to Helen and Jake again. This one goes a lot better and Daria says she's lucky to have them as her parents. Daria then goes upstairs and fins the refrigerator box in her room along with a note from Quinn.
Daria and Tom talk as he drives her to school. The show ends with Daria and Jane showing a group around the school... their way.

"That's the only place his family ever goes. I think they're training a secret militia up there." -- Jane ("Boxing Daria")

"Then you need to work on your callousness skills." -- Daria ("Boxing Daria")

Quinn: That means I can have celery stalks at one temperature for their optimum crispness and carrot sticks at another for theirs!
Daria: Just make sure they never touch, or kablooie.

"I'm not being hypocritical. I'm being lazy." -- Daria ("Boxing Daria")

"Daria! I'm near the perspiring point!" -- Quinn ("Boxing Daria")

Jane: If you say so. All I hear is the rustle of the gentle breeze wafting through cardboard. Quite soothing, really.
Daria: You're right. It is soothing.
Jane: I was kidding.

Psychologist: Don't you enjoy playing with the other children?
Daria: Not really. They never understand what I 'm talking about, and then they make fun of me. I like to read.

"It was very traumatic. The scars are with me to this day. Do we have any diet soda?" -- Quinn ("Boxing Daria")

"Lousy mini-Mussolini!" -- Jake ("Boxing Daria")

Daria: At age six I decide I don't need to talk to other kids ever again, my parents are the ones who get called in to school. At twelve I decide to try out some Shakespearean insults on my teachers. My parents are the ones who get called in to school. At fifteen I start writing violent revenge fantasies just to get a reaction...
Jane: You parents, etc. etc. Gotcha.

"Now as we head for the gym take special note of the fine industrial grade lockers which make the perfect noise when you bang your head against them." -- Daria ("Boxing Daria")

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Good dramatic episode, but not much humor.
See also my Rambling of 06-30-2001

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