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Art Burn

What's more heartless than pilfering a roll of toilet paper? Transforming it into a roll of twenties! The squeezably-soft counterfeiter, next on Sick, Sad World.

Jane and Daria are helping Mystik Spiral film a music video in the Lane's backyard. It doesn't go quite right and an exploding fog machine takes out the gazebo. Spiral, what with being traumatized and all, takes a few weeks off.
Trent and Jane don't worry about the gazebo until Wind shows up and makes a big deal about the "naming gazebo" being destroyed. Trent persuades Jane to try selling some of her paintings at "Art in the Park" over the weekend. Jane decides that if she's going to provide the money Trent has to take care of everything else, and makes him find a contractor.
At "Art in the Park" the Fashion Club decides to get a caricature done. After arguing a bit about who it should be of, Stacy suggest a group drawing.
Tom and Daria wander around and find Jane's stall. One of Jane's paintings is an upside-down Van Goh which attracts a lot of attention, mostly comments on it being upside-down.
The Fashion Club, with the exception of Stacy, is not at all pleased with the way the caricature turns out. They eventually agree to have Quinn get Helen to file a lawsuit of some sort.
Tom and Daria hang out with Jane for a bit, and are about to leave when a gallery owner shows up. He's impressed with Jane's work and offers to sell -- less a 60% commission -- all the reproductions she cares to make.
Jane's happy about finally getting paid for her work. Trent, having trouble dealing with the construction crew, eventually finds out just how much it'll cost to fix the gazebo.
Jane's first two reproductions cover the costs, so she decides to stop. Gary drops his commission to 40% and manages to convince her to build up a canvas-and-paint fund by continuing with the reproductions.
Helen refuses to take the Fashion Club's case, but they are persistent. Quinn, Sandi and Tiffany all appear with various suggestions on how to handle things.
The construction crew does little but lie around, and Jane has to push Trent to get on their case. She starts getting more irritable, and Daria and Ms. Defoe both suggest she should be doing her own work more. Jane starts getting burned out on copies, but persists.
After Jane sees a Sick, Sad World episode about counterfeiting she gets suspicious of Gary. She has Daria help her run a sting operation on his gallery. While Daria is trying to distract Gary he asks if Jane can do an O'Keefe for Steve Taylor, who wants to give a reproduction to Ashley-Amber and purchased another one of Jane's copies.
Daria and Jane head out to the Taylor's house. Brittany is worried until she finds out they didn't come around to hang out. When she finds out they want to see Steve's art collection she tries giving them a tour. They're interrupted by Steve, and Jane asks if the painting over the fireplace is real. He says it's just a decent copy, and offers to show them his trophy room.
Jane gets upset about Steve's comments and Daria tries to cheer her up. They get back to Jane's house where they find Trent taking a nap along with the construction guys. Jane throws a fit and gives the guys, including Trent, four hours to finish if they want to get paid.
Jane quits from the gallery and the gazebo gets finished. Amanda and Vincent get back from their trip early and find Jane, Trent and Daria in the backyard. Amanda and Vincent quickly end up thinking out loud about tearing down the gazebo. When the find out about what Wind said they explain that he had wanted to change his name to Ronald, and they told him that so he'd keep the name they gave him.
Quinn and Sandi are very upset and decide to burn the caricature, but find out that neither of them have it. Stacy has taken it and put it up in her closet.

Trent: Max, can't you look any more existential?
Max: Existential? You said nihilistic!

Jane: How much money do you have? Trent?
Trent: I have none, so I said nothing.

"Hmm. The harvest of my inner torment on display right next to the falafel cart. I like that." -- Jane ("Art Burn")

"Damn it to hell! What sociopathic paralegal keeps stealing my "sign here" post-its?" -- Helen ("Art Burn")

Helen: Sandi, disbarring only applies to lawyers.
Sandi: Exactly. And you're a lawyer, so you can do it. Viola.

Trent: Hey Janey, I'd rather balance my artistic statement than my bank statement.
Jane: What?
Trent: I don't know. I thought I had something there.

Jane: You'll figure out something. Use your womanly attributes.
Daria: Gotcha. I'll give birth.
Jane: That'll work.

Brittany: This is an umbrella holder made out of a real elephant's foot!
Jane: Where's the rest of the elephant?
Brittany: Huh? There's no elephant here.

Steve: Brittany, why didn't you tell me you were having friends over?
Brittany: Oh, they aren't friends. Just Daria and Jane.

"Yeah. My ego couldn't take just being a hack. I had to be a super-hack." -- Jane ("Art Burn")

Jane: Mom, dad, you're back early.
Vincent: Our hotel broke off the mainland and floated away.

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Filler episode, but the good kind.
Also see my Rambling of May 20, 2001.

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