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Murder She Snored

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Mr. DeMartino's class does rather well on a test. Brittany manages to pass, Jane gets her highest grade ever, and all the football players except Mack get perfect scores. The last bit, in addition to a jimmied lock on his filing cabinet, convinces Mr. DeMartino that someone was cheating, and he leans on Kevin as either the one who did or at least someone who knows who did it. When Kevin doesn't confess, Mr. DeMartino tells the class he's going to flunk them all if the culprit doesn't come forward. Brittany and Mack get particularly angry at Kevin for not coming forward, but pretty much everyone is.
That night Daria does some channel surfing and falls asleep with the TV still on, going into a dream that lasts for most of the rest of the episode. It starts when Kevin's body falls out of Daria's unusually large locker, pierced by an arrow, with a golf club and a poisoned sandwich. Daria is immediately proclaimed the chief suspect by Ms. Li.
Daria gets hooked up to a lie-detector and interrogated by Mr. O'Neill and Mr. DeMartino, who play good cop/bad cop until Mr. DeMartino gets sick of Mr. O'Neill and throws him out. Daria effectively derails Mr. DeMartino's questions by making sarcastic comments about his job.
This gets Daria to start looking into who killed Kevin so she can prove her innocence. Daria then hires Upchuck's Angels (ie. the Fashion Club) to solve the crime, something they fail miserably at doing.
At the funeral, Joey, Jeffy and Jamie all check to make sure Kevin is dead, and a few little speeches are given, and Daria and Jane talk to people trying to get clues.
Then Daria goes and searches her locker, and finds a pink pistol in it, at which point Ms. Li has her arrested (her parents are the cops). Daria convinces Ms. Li to give her ten minutes to find the real killer, and has Jane get everyone together.
Daria tells everyone that she had put a time-activated paint on her locker, and the real killer's hands would be changing color. Almost everyone looks at their hands, and the story starts to come out.
Jane, angry about losing her best grade ever, stuck cyanide in his sandwich. While he was staggering around for help, Mack clubbed him with the golf club and Brittany shot him with a bow and arrow. Then Ms. Barch walked by and kicked him, them Mr. DeMartino strangled him and shoved him in Daria's locker when he saw some people coming. Ms. Li is convinced, but decides to execute her anyway, since she had the electric chair built to Daria's measurements.
Then she wakes up. At school she tells Jane about the dream. Mr. DeMartino changes his mind about failing everyone, and simply gives a different test.

"Kevvy? What's that A doing on your paper?" -- Brittany ("Murder She Snored")

Jane: This sucks. The first time I get a 95, too.
Daria: That's funny. From here it looks like an 84.
Jane: I grade myself on a curve.

Jake: Hey kiddo! How's your day?
Daria: Fine. I heard a new voice inside my head, and Kevin stole a test so everyone's getting an F.
Jake: That's great!
Helen: Daria, you were just kidding about the voice, right?
Daria: Relax. We don't have to answer that.

"Can't I just skip the investigation and go straight to solitary confinement?" -- Daria ("Murder She Snored")

"Yeah, and my holster is so pre-Glock." -- Stacy ("Murder She Snored")

Sandi: Tiffany, you're not even supposed to be here until Quinn leaves over creative differences.
Quinn: What?

"Two, four, six, eight, Kevin's on his final date! Gooooo, Mr. O'Neill!" -- Cheerleaders ("Murder She Snored")

"What can I say about Kevin? That he was... well, he was, um... he never made anyone feel stupid." -- Mack ("Murder She Snored")

"I was meeting Tom for lunch and didn't want to reek of gunpowder, so I decided to swipe Trent's cyanide. He and the band were saving it in case they don't make it by the time they're fifty." -- Jane ("Murder She Snored")

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I hate dream sequences. Fifteen minute long ones are too much.
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