The Daria Episode Guide:
Groped by an Angel

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Quinn starts watching soppy programs and starts getting really worked up about angels (she even reads a book!). After almost being hit by a falling light fixture (that Jake had been working on), she becomes convinced she has a guardian angel. Much to Daria's surprise, Helen claims that Quinn takes after her mother (Helen) in the spirituality department.
Brittany gets a C-, so her parents plan a party for her, and Brittany invites everyone, "even the unpopular people". And there's going to be a live band, which turns out to be Mystik Spiral. The band manages to convince Jane (who convinces Daria) to go to the party.
Quinn then starts receiving fashion advice from her guardian angel, who saves her from buying a sweater Sandi already had. Quinn's stories get her even more attention from the guys (and even the other Fashion Club members), and Sandi gets even more jealous of Quinn and claims she has a guardian angel too (until she gets food poisoning).
Daria and Helen have a little talk about beliefs, and Quinn goes into a panic when her new pants are ruined (but it turns out okay, because she gets fifty bucks from Jake out of it).
At the party, Mystik Spiral is sort of a hit, although Trent doesn't seem to want the party goers to find out who they are.
During the party, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie are looking for Quinn's guardian angel, so they can beat him up (they think he's a pervert for watching her all the time, and too old for her). They pick out Mr. O'Neill as the only old guy there and try to talk to him.
Quinn gets some soda spilled on her pants, and while she's leaning against the mixing board trying to clean it off she accidentally leans on some levers and ends up breaking Brittany's present (a crystal bullhorn). Sandi insults Quinn's guardian angel, and Quinn runs out crying.
Back at home, Daria has a little talk with Quinn, where Quinn asks her what she believe in. Daria calms Quinn down, and Helen overhears part of their conversation.

Quinn: You shouldn't make fun, Daria. There are some mysteries that are just beyond our knowledge.
Daria: Like the fact that the human ego is bloated enough to believe the force that created the universe gives a crap about our blowouts.
Quinn: You wouldn't say that if your life was touched by an angel.
Daria: I'd be too busy suing for sexual harassment.

Trent: That doesn't make sense. How can the temperature drop below subzero?
Max: What do you mean? Subzero means below zero!
Trent: That's what I'm saying. If subzero means below zero, how can it be below subzero?

Max: You guys should come.
Trent: We could use the moral support.
Jane: All right. But the support will be amoral at best.

Jane: I'm giving Tom the night off, I want to spend some time with you.
Daria: How long is he out of town?
Jane: A week.

Helen: Quinn, is that a book you've got?
Daria: Sorry to give away the surprise, but in the end he eats the green eggs and the ham.

Jane: Guardian angel, huh?
Daria: At least he doesn't leave the milk out like when the Trix rabbit was staying with us.

Helen: Oh, Daria, must you be so quick to judge?
Daria: You're reading a book about cats with wings.

"Carrying an amputated animal foot for good luck is far-fetched. Celestial middle-managers changing the course of human events is ludicrous." -- Daria ("Groped by an Angel")

Daria: And now my once rational mother is telling me I should respect Quinn's beliefs.
Jane: Hm. I suppose the earth could be flat.

Stacy: You know, I was thinking. If people in really poor countries can't get food, does that mean they can't get diet soda either?
Tiffany: But then, how would they stay thin?
Sandi: Stacy, you were what?
Stacy: Nothing...

Quinn: But there's nothing watching over us? Nothing keeping track?
Daria: Well, there's the IRS, and those guys with the black helicopters.

Wraith's Ramblings:
Philosophy Lite, lots of characters, some Spiral, and Daria makes a comment that could scar Quinn for life. Decent episode that could have easily been better.
Also see my Rambling of 11-16-00.

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