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Antisocial Climbers

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Mr. O'Neill is so excited by the current class book, Call of the Wild, that he decides to hold a camping trip. Daria and Jane are far less than excited by the idea, and don't sign up until Helen, wanting some quality time with Jake, bribes her to go. Quinn was just so excited about the idea she didn't need a bribe.
Quinn way overpacks, ending up with three large bags for an overnight trip, all full of clothing and accessories. Sandi and Quinn have their usual bickering, especially after Quinn shows off some of her new clothes.
When they get to the end of the road and get ready to start hiking, Mr. O'Neill puts Joey, Jeffy and Jamie in charge of the field supplies, and Ms. Li breaks out a huge old video camera she immediately foists off on Mr. O'Neill. Ms. Li is gunning for some money from "Extreme Sports Mania Worldwide Inc." Quinn discovers she can't handle her bags, and gets Joey, Jeffy and Jamie to carry them for her, although this means they can't be bothered with the field supplies. Mr. O'Neill runs into big difficulty on the hike, partly due to the weight of the camera, and partly due to his intense allergies, and Ms. Barch ends up having to give him a tow.
Helen and Jake get to their cabin and don't start things off well, but then Jake notices the bearskin rug and all is well for a bit.
On the hike, Ms. Barch has faltered, and Mr. DeMartino is now having to tow both her and Mr. O'Neill, whom she is carrying. They're far from their camp, and Ms. Li is occupied in calculating her corporate sponsorship deals, when it starts snowing.
Mr. O'Neill heads back to the busses to look for his inhaler, and Ms. Li sets off after him, wanting to reclaim her camera, which leaves Mr. DeMartino in charge, as Ms. Barch is still recovering from helping Mr. O'Neill.
They get to their camp, a cabin, and Mr. DeMartino goes looking for firewood. Ms. Barch is in charge of the class, but snatches a sleeping bag and tries to warm up. Kevin and Brittany fight, and Jodie discovers that their supplies are still down at the busses, which almost gets Quinn lynched, and does get her kicked out of the Fashion Club.
Helen and Jake's intimacy problems are still problems, and after an initial burst of lust they're pretty much lost on what to do.
Mr. DeMartino sends Mack and Kevin out to look for Ms. Li and Mr. O'Neill. Mr. DeMartino announces that he's going out looking for help, so Daria and Jane volunteer to go too, just to avoid being trapped with their classmates. Mr. DeMartino quickly falls down a cliff, leaving Daria and Jane to find their own way. Back in the cabin, Quinn passes around bits of designer camping gear, and gets let back in the Fashion Club.
In their cabin, Helen and Jake are really just sitting around, not even talking, when a half-frozen Mr. DeMartino stumbles in. They immediately force him into a game of charades. He tries doing "Need Help," something he just said, but they don't get it.
Mack, after somehow losing Kevin, runs into Ms. Li, who's studying a huge pair of smiley-face boxers on a branch outside a cave. They go in after Mr. O'Neill, who's in fine shape now that the snowstorm has pulled all the pollen out of the air.
Daria and Jane manage to survive the storm, but have got a little lost and end up at the cabin Helen and Jake are at, and run into them and Mr. DeMartino playing charades outside. Since the storm is over, everyone goes home... except Kevin, who gets left behind.

Mr. O'Neill: Class, in my hands, I hold a piece of paper which has the potential to open up a world of positive experiences.
Daria: Mandatory home-schooling legislation?

"We kept marching and singing and marching and singing about some freak named John Jacob Jingleheimer somebody." -- Jane ("Antisocial Climbers")

"I've been seeing an intimacy counselor to promote growth and togetherness in our relationship. It was just easier to schedule if I went alone." -- Helen ("Antisocial Climbers")

Quinn: And, it comes with a matching snakebite kit.
Tiffany: But... why would you bite a snake?

Ms. Barch: Hurry up, girls. You don't want to get left behind.
Jane: You mean it's an option?

"I know, Quinn, why don't you convert one of your mittens into a luggage carrier?" -- Sandi ("Antisocial Climbers")

Kevin: Hey, babe, I got a surprise for you.
Brittany: Flowers!
Kevin: Oh! You guessed it.

Ms. Li: We'll have no problem reaching base camp before dark, as long as there are no more surprises.
Daria: Surprise.

Kevin: Hey, check it out: snow angel!
Mack: You might want to wait until there's a little more snow on the ground.

Jane: Is it bad if I can't feel my feet?
Daria: That depends. How much do you enjoy walking?

"It's not the money that hurts; it's having that damn apocalypse postponed again." -- Jane ("Antisocial Climbers")

"The rest of you conserve your energy. Do as little as possible. Pretend you're in class!" -- Mr. DeMartino ("Antisocial Climbers")

Mr. DeMartino: Once you walk out those doors, you may not be coming back.
Daria: Okay. Then we're all on the same page.

Mr. DeMartino: Very well, but dress for survival.
Daria: Well, I was going to dress for perishing, but okay.

Ms. Li: I think Mr. O'Neill may be in this cave. Let's investigate.
Mack: Um, all right. But I hope he didn't make any other flags.

Jane: Do you think we should feel guilty about leaving our classmates stranded in the wild?
Daria: Who?

"I came to the realization that given a choice between sharing shelter with my fellow students or risking death by blindly marching into a blizzard, it's blizzard ho for me." -- Daria ("Antisocial Climbers")

Wraith's Ramblings:
Weak storyline that seems very familiar, but lots of good lines from Daria and Jane.
Also see my Rambling of 11-7-00.

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