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Daria is taking her driver's test, for the umpteenth time, as she's been having a lot of trouble with parallel parking, but she manages to pass this time. Jane pulls a cake out of the freezer to celebrate just as Mystick Spiral walks in. The cake has to defrost, but they don't have time to wait; they've got a gig in Freemont they have to go to. Jane is driving them, and Trent invites Daria, but she's already committed to house-sitting for her parents, who don't want any more of Quinn's parties while they're out of town.
Helen and Jake leave for their marriage seminar. As soon as they leave the entire Fashion Club comes in. Daria then gets a call from Jane, who's stuck in jail. She got pulled over for not staying in her lane, and has to pay a $100 fine before they're allowed to leave, since they're from out of state. Daria goes over to Jane's house, by Jane's instructions, and picks up the money and Trent's song notebook, and then takes off, with Quinn insisting on coming along for the ride.
Daria is really tense driving, and Quinn ends up taking over. When they stop for a driver switch, they're approached by a hitchhiker, Travis.
The band is stuck in with a guy who claims he used to know Hendrix, Jane is stuck with a gal who wants Jane to do a tattoo for her, and Travis regales Daria and Quinn (but mostly Quinn) with stories of working on a ranch, and later with Country music. The guys get a lot of stories about their cellmate starting every major music movement in the US, Jane gets hauled before the sheriff for doing a US flag that isn't the right colors, and Daria discovers that the money is missing. Although she thinks Travis stole it, it turns out that Quinn and Travis went shopping during one of their rest stops.
Daria and Quinn go back to the bar they dropped Travis off at, and try to find him. They don't, but Quinn dresses up in her new cowgirl outfit and tells the bar a story about how some mean old cowboy stole their bail money, so they get plenty in donations after Daria repeats some Conway Twitty lines.
They get to the jail only to discover Jane and the band aren't there any more. They turn out to be at the Sheriff's daughter's birthday party, Jane doing temp tattoos and the band singing.
On the way back, Quinn complains again about Daria being timid, right before she spots Travis, who's hitchhiking again. Daria tries to prove she isn't timid by speeding up and running over his luggage, then changing the radio station over to a country music channel.

Mike: We're criminales. We live life on the edge. If you go up against the Spiral, we're going to take you down!
Jesse: We broke the cake!
Mike: See what I mean?

Quinn: Face it Daria, you're already accesorizing.
Daria: You mean I'm an accessory?

Wraith's Ramblings:
While it's nice to experience the band, the rest of the episode hinges on several rather lame plot devices.
Also see my Rambling of 11-3-00.

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